The Single Most Important Step to Create the Conditions for a Miracle


Is there something big or small that you’d like help with today?  If the answer is YES, I have a story for you! What happened one fine day in June reminded me of something very important.

In June we needed to purchase an excellent used car quickly.  I wanted the process to be easy and wonderful (instead of agonizing and frustrating as I had previously sometimes experienced used car purchases).

It doesn’t matter what you need help on right now- it might be changing your career, finding love or finding money to make a trip happen. The process is the same.

As we got in the car to go to the dealers, I was already anxious.  For some reason, I calmly paused and asked silently for [Alice the Elephant] (one of my loving & compassionate helping spirits) for help.

Please help us find the perfect car for us, that’s in budget and will serve us well.  

Guided by our friend Buckley at the dealership, we jumped in the first car he showed us -a Ford Escape- it was a bit cramped for my tall man but not too shabby of a ride.

Next up for test driving was a grey Nissan that had just been taken in on trade that morning.  It was so new to the dealer that it hadn’t even been cleaned out yet. My husband Mark reached in back to put the seat up when he pulled out this rather large paper yard SIGN (from a past wedding?) with the names MARK AND SARAH on it.

We had a collective gasp and giggle at the oddity (HUGE smile on my face!).

It was (quite literally) a SIGN!

We test drove the car and (and YES- you guessed it!) it felt perfect for our needs.

Fastest and most “right” feeling car purchase ever!

Miracles are AVAILABLE now but, we have to ask for help.

When me make simple requests, we can discover how MUCH help there is in this unbounded Universe. This doesn’t mean that we always get things in the timing we WANT but, it seems to me that I always get exactly what I need.

So, today, I invite you to ASK FOR HELP from whoever you pray to.   Garrett Loporto cries out for COSMIC TECH SUPPORT:) (quick 5 minute listen!)

So, this week if you feel fear rising– or “uh oh—this is going to be HARD” rising in you….instead of staying stuck-  ASK for what you need….call out for help from your favorite spirit Beastie, God, Buddha, The Universe-  or whoever you consider a higher power.

If you don’t have a higher power or spirit Beastie and would like to get to know them-  by all means hurry over and GET SOURCED.    No need to wait for a lightning bolt- you can encounter the divine TODAY with intention.

Love and PACHYDERMAL blessings of the largest type,  Sarah

P.S. Is this the time to shed what no longer serves you, reconnect with yourself, find clarity or receive healing?  I invite you to check out 20 signs that shamanic healing may be beneficial for you.


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