SHINE: A Working Creative’s Salon

Get ready to roll out the red carpet! We can show you how to break out of your artistic shell in a way that will make your creativity (and productivity) burst with joy. 

Sarah Seidelmann and Inger Kenobi present:


Official start: September 19th.
Soft summer start dates:
25th July, 8th, August, and 22nd August.

These Zoom classes will happen on alternate Tuesdays at Noon Central Time and last 60 minutes. (Subject to change.)

Maybe you're a wannabe writer.

Or maybe you have been an on-again-off-again poet for since forever.

Or perhaps you have this will they/won't they relationship with your art.

Or maybe you're a dancer, a chef, you dabble in songwriting, you're a comedian, a screenwriter, or you're dying to make acting a bigger part of your life, then if so. . . . .  this year-round program is where you need to be.

In short...

Calling All Artists! 


During our time together, we'll help you turn your skills, gifts, and creative mojo into an artistic journey that will make you go, 'I can't believe this is my life now!'

Things will be different from now on.


If you are ready for an approach to working on your art that allows you to blend Big Magic with the ultra-practical—instead of feeling you have to put your entire life on hold or wait until you have more talent, or thinking you need to read fifty-thousand more books on the topic before you allow yourself to begin, or you're afraid that becoming more artistic is a slippery slope to wearing mood rings and forgetting to pay your bills on time (Live and let live! Carpe Diem!) - then this program is for YOU.

We guarantee: When you show up for yourself and your gifts (you know which ones we're talking about. . .) you are going to feel the incomparable feeling of being in integrity with yourself.


Oh Em Gee! Sooooo many things. No consistent workflow, for sure. No system in place to capture and develop new ideas. A lot of doubt. Not enough trust. Perfectionism. The heavy notion that if you haven't been channeling  Georgia O'Keeffe since you were three years old, you've missed the boat. Waiting for the right time. Hoping it will all come together somehow. Thinking, 'Who am I kidding?' Feeling alone and scattered.

All of the above has a funny way of turning into: 

- Starting. And quitting. Taking one step forward and five thousand steps back. Getting frustrated. Quitting. Buying a new notebook. Shopping for new pencils. Starting over again. Hoping inspiration will lift you out of stagnation. Wondering why you thought you could finish that stupid painting in the first place. Eating all the chocolate.

- Struggling to put pen to paper, because you fail to see what makes your writing unique. Or amazing. Or you wonder, 'Who would ever want to read this? I'm too old for this shit.'

- Smiling through gritted teeth when one of your friends turns her guestroom into an amazing studio.

Yup. We've been there. That's how we know there is another way.