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Embark on a transformative journey. Inspired by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann's 100 day project, "My Summer of No," this captivating book brings personal boundaries to life through illustrations.

Dive into an intimate curriculum for self-reflection, accompanied by powerful prompts. Follow Sarah as she navigates relationships and discovers love through setting healthy boundaries, balancing self-care and connections.

Boundaries Make Love Possible offers insights and a roadmap for fostering healthy relationships while staying true to oneself. With charming illustrations, it captures human connection, showing that boundaries enhance love.

Let it inspire you to embrace setting boundaries, fostering authentic relationships, and cultivating love through respect, communication, and growth.

Books, App & Card Deck by Sarah Seidelmann

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    How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get
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  • Born To Freak by Sarah Seidelmann
    Born to Freak
  • Swimming with Elephants, A Memoir by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann
    Swimming with Elephants
  • What the Walrus Knows iphone and ipad app available in itunes
    What the Walrus Knows App

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