What To Do When You’re FEELING RESTLESS.



I’ve been feeling a little restless this month.  My new memoir “Swimming with Elephants” has found a publisher (yay!!!) and the contracts are being drawn up- so at the moment there is nothing BIG for me to do.  I have no major new trips on the horizon until 2017 (Peru in May! hit REPLY if you want to hear more).  CREATIVELY, I’m in a bit of a doldrums–that place of no wind (no direction) that sailors encounter and I wrote about in Born to FREAK.

It can be a wee bit uncomfortable here- WITH NO WIND- FREAKS like me LOVE to take exciting new ACTION. Instead, I’m clearing my desk, organizing my closet, meditating, taking walks in the woods and taking good care of myself. In essence, I’m getting ready for what’s next. Because, right now, no particular action is needed.

When it IS, I’ll be ready.  What would you need to do to GET READY for your next dream?  Or do you need to take EXCITING NEW ACTION now?  Feel for the truth…it will be SOFT like a feather:)


Ok, changing gears….I got several messages from clients saying they LOVED the recording I did with Nicole Moorey–  so HERE IT IS if you are needing a little inspiring listen (40 minutes)  on HOW TO RECONNECT with your truest heart’s desires!  I talk about what you MUST DO if you want to find your way again:)  Hope it inspires you!!  (also covered:  motherhood, my ADHD diagnosis, how to work with animal totems and get messages from nature and “forest bathing!”)  Is there something else I did that MADE YOU INSPIRED- let me know so I can re-share it and tune in to what lights you up!

Also, Lindsey, a fabulous ex-pat and conscious Mom at the “Swiss Lark”,  recently did a lovely piece on what it was like to do coaching and shamanic work with me—so if you’ve ever been curious about that process…

“It’s at once comforting and surprising to hear the messages and instructions from the spirit guides. It can help you feel more whole, more inspired, more at ease with the beautiful being that you are. I’m a huge fan of talk therapy, but in shamanic healing, I have found something that transcends the logical brain and taps right into my heart. ”
you can read more here.

Love and PACHYDERMAL blessings of the largest type,  Sarah

P.S.   A film I deeply enjoyed which is all about the transformative gifts of plant medicine can be found here.  There is a shaman (LuzMa from Nuna Ayni ) from Peru coming to  Minnesota and Marin, California in September– if this interests you- please go here and contact the email on the screen. I attended her ceremony last year and feel in love with her work.

P.S.S. If this Fall is your time to shed what no longer serves you, reconnect with yourself, find clarity or receive healing-  I invite you to check out 20 signs that shamanic healing may be beneficial for you.



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