What if Everything Works Out?

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1. What if everything works out?  Life has been running pretty smoothly for me in so many ways.  The kids are all out of the house (for now!), it’s been a over a year since my dad died, and my marriage is feeling deeply wonderful (after a challenging few years).  So many lovely things have been happening lately, and I am full of gratitude.   I ALSO noticed that “shoe drop energy” starting to come online inside my brain.

You know that thought… everything is so great, that must mean something awful is about to happen?  Don’t relax…be vigilant….Ughhh. Of course, I know that more challenges lie ahead…this is, after all, LIFE.

But, I no longer want to dwell in that energy of anxiety.  I’ve decided to take deep breaths when those thoughts pop up and imagine letting EVEN MORE GOODNESS into my life.

Remember:  worrying does nothing but steal the JOY in this moment.

And this moment is all we have.

As my spiritual advisor Alice the Elephant asks, “How Good Are You Willing To Let It Get?”

2. A Book I REALLY LOVE this week:

This wee volume feels like a warm breeze with lilacs and will quickly supercharge your ability to live what I like to think of as an “absurdly fantastic life”…the life of YOUR dreams!

Trade in your cow (AKA your limiting beliefs) and sow some magic beans!

Listen to Kim and I talk about the path of creating a life of your dreams and how to ask for signs and how to know what you REALLY want. 

Grab this very special book here.  I’m bringing mine on retreat this summer and soooo excited to beanstalk my art and life.

This book was written by Kim who is a member of our beautiful SHINE community!  Are you feeling ready to SHINE with your creative work (you writing, your music, your art or your _______?  Join us and find stillness, connection and MAGIC to boost your creative endeavor.

3. Quote that knocked my socks off: 

“I have risen early today. Far in the distance, a faint glow paints the horizon. Dawn is coming, gently and full of prayer.

I step quietly from my bed, alive to the silences around me. This is the quiet time, the time of innocence and soft thoughts, the childhood of the day.

Now is the moment when I must pause and lift my heart – now, before the day fragments and my consciousness shatters into a thousand pieces. For this is the moment when the senses are most alive, when a thought, a touch, a piece of music can shape the spirit and color the day. But if I am not careful — if I rise, frantic, from my bed, full of small concerns — the mystical flow of the imagination at rest will be broken, the past and the future will rush in to claim my mind, and I will be swept up into life’s petty details and myriad obligations. Gone will be the openness that comes only to the waking heart, and with it, the chance to focus the spirit and consecrate the day.”

~ Small Graces by Kent Nerburn
This whole little book would make a marvelous morning (or bedtime) companion if you enjoy spirituality and  Native American perspectives.

4. Amy Poehler is My Favorite.  I listened to her on Armchair expert podcast while cleaning my art studio and was just thunderstruck by how awesome she is!  She’s into self-realization in a big way and I think you’ll enjoy!

She also has a comedic therapist satire podcast where she plays a (?) therapist and Rachel Dratch plays HER therapist— I listened to the first bit and it sounds like such a winner-  Here it is for you to enjoy! 

5. Problems are Hiding Secret Love.  I read about a helpful idea via Rob Brezsney who is full of helpful ideas!

I get frustrated, sometimes, when I paint.  I am NOT loving the outcome of my previous paint marks.  And yet, painting is simply the process of solving “problems”.  I simply need to ask the painting what it wants from me.  Then I know how to “fix” it.

Now, not every painting is a winner, but if it was effortless.would it be as joyful?  I can see problems as a gift.  If they are a gift then I don’t need to suffer.  I can just be curious about how to solve them.  

James Hillman: “Why do we focus so intensely on our problems? What draws us to them? Why are they so attractive? They have the magnet power of love: somehow we desire our problems; we are in love with them much as we want to get rid of them. Problems sustain us — maybe that’s why they don’t go away. What would a life be without them? Completely tranquilized and loveless. There is a secret love hiding in each problem.”

James Hillman, *The Essential James Hillman: A Blue Fire,* edited by Thomas Moore via Rob Breszney

My art exhibit is now up until June 29th at Studio 21 (of Grand Marais Art Colony) next to Hippie Tacos on Hwy 61.  They are open THurs-Sat 10 am – 5 pm.  Let me know if you go! I would love to hear what you thought!

much love and gratitude to you!


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