60 Card Deck: How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get?

I like when something is just a simple delight while at the same time it's working on is in deep ways to become happier and more well. These cards do just that. They brighten my day, and they let my unconscious/soul/angels/intuition (or whatever word you like), pass on its practical wisdom to me. That deep knowing doesn't speak too loudly, and isn't that good at spoken language at all, so I find this a great way to let it express itself. A GREAT GIFT TOO of course!

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A deck of 60 spirit-infused divination cards created by shamanic healer and author Sarah Bamford Seidelmann MD and her magnificent spirit animal Alice the Elephant is now available for pre-order.

Each elegant card, featuring fantastic images from the public domain and Sarah’s personal ephemera collection, is designed to inspire and encourage creatives, healers, and helpers of all sorts.

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Alice offers her sacred wisdom in a lighthearted (and sometimes salty) way and Sarah adds a thoughtful prompt and simple daily prayer to accompany her message. Themes include prayer, meditation, humility, moderation, self-love, family, friendship, creativity, pitfalls & quagmires, addiction recovery, and dealing with fear.

There is a coordinating book of daily inspiration that is sold separately.

How good are YOU willing to let it get?

We hope that your answer is VERY good!

These beautifully illustrated cards will help you get there. You are invited to order a deck (or three!) now.....


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How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get 60 Card Deck


A deck of 60 spirit-infused divination cards
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