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 I do two different kinds of work:

 Life Coaching and Shamanic Healing


About Coaching:


I have been trained and certified (by Martha Beck herself) as a Life Coach in the Martha Beck Institute.   I use many different tools with people and blend them with my own.  Coaching assumes that the person is whole and well and simply guides a client to re-discover their own strengths and reconnect with their heart’s desires.  I share how you can re-connect to your FEEL GOOD and why following it is the most powerful thing you can do.  Coaching can be life changing.  It changed mine.    Send me an email directly (sarah if you are interested in Coaching.


About Shamanic Healing:


I  have decided to make Shamanism a large part of my life:  to be a healer and to share Shamanism with others.  I have completed several Shamanic trainings  including:  The Four Wind’s (Alberto Villoldo)  Light Body school (South) , The Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ (FSS) trainings including the Way of the Shaman, The Dream workshop and The Two Week Intensive.  I am currently persuing the 3 year training from FSS for healers.   Shamanic healing can be life changing.  It changed mine.  If after reading the information below, you are interested in a Shamanic healing and can visit me in person please contact me via email (  to set up an appointment to meet.  At this time, I am not doing work at a distance.

From Michael Harner:  “…in our culture many consider it avant-garde if a person talks about the mind-body connection, but the fact that the brain is connected to the rest of the body is not the most exciting news. It’s been known for hundreds and thousands of years. What’s really important about shamanism, in my opinion, is that the shaman knows that we are not alone. By that I mean, when one human being compassionately works to relieve the suffering of another, the helping spirits are interested and become involved.”


What is shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing cures the spiritual aspect of disease-  whether it is a physical injury, psychological injury, neurological injury or emotional injury.

A shamanic practitioner is one who, among other things, works directly with helping spirits to ask for healing on another’s behalf.    There are many different roles a shamanic practitioner can play but these are some of the important ones:

1.  Core Beastie (Power Animal)  Infusion:   In the shamanic view-  each person has a Core Beastie –  or wild animal spirit that is in relationship with them at birth.  This is a reciprocal relationship.  If somehow, the connection is lost then, the person may feel dis-empowered, dispirited or may become sick or in someway ill.  To have full vitality and health this relationship must be intact.      A shamanic practitioner can retrieve a Core Beastie spirit and re-infuse it in a person to empower, support and protect them.  Want to know more about Core Beasties?  Check out my book What The Walrus Knows.

2..   Soul Retrieval–  In the shamanic world we are born whole with our soul intact .  The soul represents our essence or our life force.   As we live our lives- certain situations, traumas, encounters or experiences may cause a part of our soul to leave us.  The soul flees to a safe and peaceful place to avoid the painful experience.   But, without this part (or in some cases several parts)  we are not operating with our full life force and therefore not fully ourselves…or full actualized.  The shamanic practitioner knows how go on a journey , aided by helping spirits,  to seek and retrieve those soul parts should they desire to return.    According to some experts on Shamanism (Eliiade), soul loss is the most widespread cause of disease.  When soul parts are returned to a person it is life force coming back.  It’s empowering.     It is important to integrate those parts and honor, welcome  and integrate them in different ways.

3.  Extraction–   Sometimes we have “stuff that does not belong” in our own energetic field that interferes with our life force or soul.   This is not something evil or terrible but, like ants on your kitchen countertop, something that does not belong.   I like to think of these things like weeds in a garden…..they take up space and energy that could be used to purposefully grow beautiful plants and flowers that you desire.    A healing of this kind requires the practitioner to become fully merged with a spirit helper and takes skill and practice.   In the shamanic view, the best way to prevent  things  that “do not belong” from taking up residence in you (or your life force, as it were) is to be full of power and to do that one must have a relationship with a Core Beastie (power animal).

4.  Psychopomp work–  The Shaman is one who can travel to the destiny of human souls for various purposes.  One very important one is to help the souls of the dead that are lingering in the “middle world” or this earth place that have not transcended and are suffering and wish to be guided.  Another task a Shaman might undertake would be to free a soul part that a soul that has transcended possesses (out of love and admiration OR because it was given to them out of love) so that it might return to the living person who asks for its return.     The soul parts contain power or life force and rightfully belong to the person who is living.    A shaman may journey to a soul that has transcended to complete “unfinished business”  on behalf of a living person-  to say goodbye, to express anger or to say what needs to be said and bring back information to the living person so that they may live more fully.  This kind of work brings healing for the living person who seeks it.

More on Shamanic healing:

All shamanic work that I do is done with intention: To be respectful to the individual and to  do work with permission.   Without the permission of another, I can do no work.   This means express, informed consent of the client  who is alive and conscious.  In the case of a comatose patient the permission can come from the family and then (and only then)  the person’s soul may be contacted for their permission.  When doing work for children under the age of 12 the permission of both parents is required.

Shamanic work is a mystery.  It is beyond what our minds or  words can express.  The more I practice it,  the more mystery I uncover.   It is a great privilege to do it.

The effects of Shamanic work can be subtle and  take time.  Shamanic work is often repetitive and cyclical.   For example, a person may initially have an extraction and Core Beastie retrieval that brings them to a different place and then return (several weeks later) for a second healing to have a soul part retrieved.  It is different for each an every person and it is for the spirits to decide.

The most important question to ask before asking for a healing from a shamanic practitioner is this :  Do you want to be healed?

When we are healed and full of power (in the Shamanic sense),  a lot may be asked of us.    It is good to know what we desire.

More questions about Shamanic healing?

You may find these articles of interest:

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