Fine Art

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I’m on a mission to make love visible in this world. Using bright acrylic and oil pastels, I work quickly and intuitively, creating a direct transmission of my emotions. Beginning with bold strokes or splashes of color, I embrace the belief that there are no mistakes, only problems to solve. My beloved subjects include wild creatures, Lake Superior, flowers, music-induced feelings, and everyday objects that belonged to my mom. Visions from the sacred and "invisible" worlds also inspire me and I love to bring those experiences of awe into my work as well. I hope my paintings give others the courage to take up space, the stillness to receive answers, the “oomph” to keep going when it’s hard, and the exuberance of joy. We are SOURCED and you are never alone. With my art, I express my immense love for life and this Earth and my mission is that you can feel it too.