Never Stop Reaching and Applying, Pitching, and Submitting


My opening for my solo art show (my first official!) was a smash success and I’ve been on a high, ever since, from being with dear friends, famIly and spending time on the north shore of Lake Superior.

NONE OF IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED if I had not applied for the exhibit.  Which reminds me….don’t shy away from the applications, the submissions, the book proposals, the in-person “pitch”, the asks and the inquiries… never know what might be possible!  When I submitted to the gallery last fall,  I figured I had a slim chance of getting in.

Annnd, I didn’t get in at first, but somebody backed out of the June slot and so they called me!

1. BOOKS +MOVIES THAT I’VE LOVED IN JUNE:  I promised this last newsletter but somehow got distracted-  my apologies!

This is Not A Pity Memoir by Abigail Morgan– Life turns on a dime and this book takes you on bittersweet journey..what happens when your love of 20 years doesn’t believe you are who you are any longer?  Couldn’t put it down.

Everything She Touched: The LIfe of Ruth Asawa  This is for the artist obsessed.  Ruth made beautiful wire sculptures that are now at MOMA and she raise d5 children and revolutionized art educatin in San Francisco.  This is her love story.

The Many Lives of Mama Love:  by Lara Love Hardin  This was a fascinating true story of what happens when you’re addicted and how one woman found her way back through writing.

I’m 20 years late to the party,  but Dave Egger’s Memoir  A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius is fantastic- I’m 1/2 way through and might pull an all nighter!

My husband and I FINALLY say down to watch POOR THINGS ..WOW that is a LOT of sex (might not want to watch with anybody you wouldn’t watch ??gentle pornography with:):):))-  and if you can get past the first 15 minutes of shock and awe–the movie leaves you in a deep contemplation of life and how it is we find our way.  This movie will push your buttons and open new doors.  We talked about it for days!

2. FAKE IT TELL YOU MAKE IT.  We have all heard that one- and probably tried it out!  It feels Ok-ish but I heard a MUCH BETTER idea this week from fellow artist and coach Tracy Hewitt in Australia!  Are you Ready?

OWN IT ’til you GROW IT.

I absolutely love this because there is no reason on earth NOT to own it today….whatever IT is!  By owning it.  Taking some pride in our offerings…in ourself and standing up tall when we share the thing or do our thingwe will surely GROW as a result.


This reminder comes from a young widow in my Creative Soul Retrieval group who is reflecting on the loss of her husband in her 100 day project.

Her written words are a powerful visual reminder that we can take responsibility for our lives. 🌸🌸🌸🐘🐘🐘

4. MAKING DINNER IS HARD FOR ME.  But My friend Max Daniels shared a blog that made it ridiculously easy to get PROTEIN and have it be delish!.  We loved the tuna potato thingie!  Her newsletter is one I always open!

5, Quote that knocked me out this week: 

“Forget about the horror of being alone and middle-aged – there is nothing more terrifying to a patriarchal society than a woman who is free. That she might be having a better time without permission or supervision is downright insufferable.”

-GLYNNIS MACNICOL (author of the memoir “No One Tells You This”)

My art exhibit is now up until June 29th at Studio 21 (of Grand Marais Art Colony) next to Hippie Tacos on Hwy 61.  They are open THurs-Sat 10 am – 5 pm.  Let me know if you go! I would love to hear what you thought!

much love and gratitude to you!


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I am also celebrating my FIRST SOLO Art Exhibition!  Save the date if you’ll be up in Northern Minnesota near Grand Marais! It will be June 1 to 30th at the Grand Marais Art Colony Store.  

Does your sacred space or healing studio need art?  Please check out all of my available work here. 


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