The Struggle for Worthiness Is REAL


Here are this week’s ideas to help you SHOW UP AND GROW in your own life.

1. I SOMETIMES STRUGGLE TO FEEL WORTHY.   Many of us are on a journey to worthiness….learning that we ARE worthy of wonderful relationships, self-respect,  abundance, work that feeds our soul and more.  And self-worth is a little different than self esteem.  Self esteem comes from learning a skill and knowing we do something pretty well.  Worthiness comes from KNOWING in our bones we are worthy of LOVE no matter what the circumstances.   

 Jamie Kern Lima. Jamie co-founded IT cosmetics which she sold for 1.2 bilion dollars to L’oreal in 2016, becoming the first FEMALE CEO of a L’oreal brand.  She read these words (above) to herself over and over again as she met failure after failure after failure in bringing her creative idea to life.

She struggled to feel worthy of all of her dreams.  She’s got a new podcast and Oprah is her first guest and I gotta say- its a gem!  🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

Here are the words she read to herself OVER and OVER again as her business failed and failed and failed and failed:  ““Know Your Worth, Then Fly Girl FLY”.  I love this affirmation so much that I created some art around it (see below)

LIsten to her first episode here.    Her story will inspire you to bring more grit to your own table!

Her second episode (with Oprah) was equally captivating.

“….Choosing to wear and be in clothes that make you FEEL Like you want to go someplace or do something …rather than wearing what you fit into.  Wearing what feels fantastic is liberation.”

~Oprah on Jamie Kern Lima’s podcast.

I was SO inspired by Jamie- I made a painting! This new original is SOLD but prints are available here:  

“Know Your Worth, Then Fly Girl FLY”- SOLD

2. A poem worth sharing!  

This poem was written as a gift from from Maya  Angelou to her “adopted” daughter Oprah:

My wish for you is that you continue.

Continue to be who and how you are,

to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.

Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart.

Maya Angelou

My wish for all of us is the same!  It is not ALWAYS easy to be a force for good. Yet….I believe that the more we can dig deep and face outward with kindness,  the more ALIVE we can feel!

3. It’s always a good time to RELAX. I often tense up when I think of an upcoming obligation, performance or bill to pay. Whatever it is that I’m future tripping about,

My nervous system has been wired to be tense…to worry…to wring my hands.  The “relax” is not automatic!

Take a deep breath right now, open your hands and think of something that you’ve been a wee bit worried about. Breathe again.

Open your hands wider.

Say aloud, “I am supported and nourished by the universe in every single thing in my life!”

Ahhhh. That’s better!!

4.  If You Are Caregiving Right Now, I SEE YOU.  When I was caregiving for my mom (and my dad),  I remember feeling extremely depleted… exquisitely sensitive to absolutely EVERYTHING, and full of grief. Those were such precious and difficult days.

Liz Gilbert shines a light on the reality of caregiving in her latest post…

From Liz, “….years ago, I overhead a relative of mine (who was in middle age at the time) saying to a friend, “Only a cruel Old Testament God would saddle people in their 50s with all of these difficult conditions at the same time: handling troublesome teenagers or young adult children; dealing with sick or dying parents; trying to maintain sexual and emotional intimacy within a stale marriage; and facing their own aging bodies. It’s too much!”

At the time I was a perky young lady in my 20s with her whole life ahead of her, and I thought, “Geez, man, that sounds like kind of a shitty attitude.”

But now I get it.

I get it.”

– LIz Gilbert

I SOOOO get IT!  Do you relate?

continue reading Liz’s writing here:

5. As A Dermatologist’s Daughter I recommend: I love a good product rec.  So, I will continue to try to DELIGHT yu with a few favorites! This gentle scrubber is something I use every day to polish away the dead skin and I must say it feels great.  When you use retin-A or similar prodects your face tends to be peely- this puff makes is GLOW.    Buf-Puf Gentle Facial Sponge, Dermatologist Developed, Removes Deep Down Dirt & Makeup That Causes Breakouts and Blackheads, Reusable, Exfoliating, 1 Count (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, but your cost is the same when you use this link)

6.  (A bonus!) A NEW USE FOR PEONY PETALS! Throw them at your favorite marathon runners!

photo credit: Katherine Seidelmann

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