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Main Character Energy and 36 Questions to Fall In Love with Somebody You Care About

September 26, 2023

(photo above by Jen Clark) Here are 5 things I’m Extremely KEEN on this week! 1. MAIN Character Energy!  I spoke to an inspiring young human last week who had just started a new job at a huge hospital. I asked her how it was going and she says, “Great! Everyday I enter the hospital and I act as if I’m in a movie. I’m the…

Habit Stacks Are Mean to Change

August 28, 2023

(photo above: Where I do part of my morning routines!) Here are 5 things I’m Extremely KEEN on this week! 1.  Habits Are Never A Forever Thing.  Habit “stacks” ( Ala The Atomic Habits Book), for me, need to shift + change with the seasons. Otherwise, they get stale. I updated mine today. I had let meditation go since my dad died (I found it…

What Do We Do After We Are Done Feeling Our Feelings? Emotionally Focused Therapy

August 23, 2023

Art (above) by me- PRINTs, MUGs and more HERE. Here are 5 things I’m Extremely KEEN on this week! 1.  Here’s What to do AFTER you feel your feelings.….last week I mentioned that I keep a FEELING WHEEL at close hand these days.  Sometimes it helps me kickstart my feeling process.  Here’s a PRINTABLE VERSION.  I thought it might be good to practice our feelings together.…

WARNING: Goats Can Get You Very High and Can Lead to Post Event Collapse Syndrome (PECS)

August 15, 2023

Here are 5 things I’m Extremely KEEN on this week! 1.  Goats Can Get You VERY High.    I had an insanely fun Saturday morning doing GOAT YOGA last weekend thanks to an invite from my daughter Katherine. The combination of sunshine, being with beloveds + beasties was unbeatable and it felt wonderful.  Later that day, I had another fun art event…it was truly a day…

Writing Is A Good Way To Find Out What Is Going On Inside of You

August 8, 2023

(Photo I took in 2018 when I visited the art studio of Nathalie Lete in Paris) 1. Writing Has A FREAKY Way of Revealing What is REALLY Going On with You. Lately, I’ve noticed that writing in my journal is the best way for me to find out what’s happening in my SOUL and to get to the TRUTH of what I’m really feeling. It’s…