About Sarah Seidelmann


With Sarah's help, I took a GIANT leap into the unknown. I am now five years post leap, and my career and entire life is fantastically aligned to ME: my priorities, my dreams, and my passions. I live with purpose and joy...what more could one ask for?!"

- client

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann M D is a 4th generation physician, accomplished writer, shamanic healer, artist, and coach. Her six books have all been instant Amazon best-sellers. Her What the Walrus Knows app for iOS has users in 65 countries. For twenty years, she was a professional disease hunter, and eventually she grew curious about what creates health. Through her own investigation and with the help of her spiritual ally, Alice, an elephant in spirit form, she discovered that creative self-expression is fundamental to our vitality and health.  Sarah specializes in helping others foster a connection to spirit via the wild animals.  Sarah has been an instructor and curriculum creator for Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training and an official contributor for Maria Shriver’s Architects of Change.  Sarah is currently making art and preparing to publish her seventh book: a richly illustrated and entertaining volume about boundaries for helpers + healers.  She co-leads a creative community called SHINE for writers and artists who are committed to showing up for their work, no matter what.