Boundaries Make Love Possible


“This workbook shines a light on how you can turn any uncomfortable situation into boundary gold.”

- Inger Kenobi, author of How Do I Look? The Year I Stopped Shopping" \

Sarah Seidelmann is an accomplished author, fourth-generation physician, artist, and shamanic healer. In her new workbook, "Boundaries Make Love Possible," Sarah shares the radical transformation that happened after completing a 100-day project on boundaries. 

In addition to Sarah walking you through the process internally, she also illustrated the book in full color to help make mastering boundaries memorable and playful. It's Sarah's goal to always "follow your feel good"! 

When Sarah embarked on her boundaries journey, she wasn't great at it.  She knew that if she wanted to grow, her boundaries needed to be mastered. Investing much time and investigation, Sarah not only learned so much about boundaries, but she drastically improved her ability to take action on them with success. 

As a result, she now more easily sets boundaries with work, she has more time to be creative, and her 33 year long marriage has been completely reborn.  In the workbook, Sarah shares easily digestible lessons and prompts with illustrations to help you deepen your understanding of your own boundaries and inspire you to take action!


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Is this you?

Do you say YES when you really mean (or would rather say) NO?

Do you have a hard time being comfortable with people who are uncomfortable? 

Do you do things for people who are capable of doing those things for themselves? 

This workbook will help you: 

  • Gain confidence in saying NO (and all the creative ways you can say NO) Without losing your cool! 
  • Experience, for yourself, the freedom and bliss that lives on the other side of setting a boundary!! 
  • Learn to trust that allowing others to take care of themselves is a powerful gift you give to them.  

Embark on a transformative journey!

Inspired by Sarah Bamford Seidelmann's 100 day project, "My Summer of No," this captivating book brings personal boundaries to life through illustrations.

Dive into an intimate curriculum for self-reflection, accompanied by powerful prompts. Follow Sarah as she navigates relationships and discovers love through setting healthy boundaries, balancing self-care and connections.

Boundaries Make Love Possible offers insights and a roadmap for fostering healthy relationships while staying true to oneself. With charming illustrations, it captures human connection, showing that boundaries enhance love.

Let it inspire you to embrace setting boundaries, fostering authentic relationships, and cultivating love through respect, communication, and growth.



From Sarah:

In the summer of 2021, along with 36 other brave souls, I embarked on a 100day Creative Soul Retrieval, an experience where we intended to call back the part of our souls that loves to express itself—our inner artist, dancer, singer, poet, writer, painter, and/or musician. The idea for my project to do for those hundred days came while cleaning my office, when I discovered an old handwritten list of boundaries that I had written for myself around my professional work. Just six months after writing it, I realized that I had already broken most of the selfprotective boundaries I had committed to. That shocked me. Why hadn’t I kept those boundaries?

My name for the project, “My Summer of No: 100 Days of SelfRespecting Boundaries,” sounded breezy and freeing, not shockingly transformative, but like many creative projects, it took me to the places I wasn’t even aware I needed to go.

It’s not hyperbole to say this project changed my life. • I much more easily set boundaries at work.

• I have much more time to be creative.

• My marriage is in the process of being reborn.

And, just this morning, I responded (cheerfully) to an email request to do something I did not want to do, by writing back, “Thank you for thinking of me. This doesn’t work for me. I look forward to seeing you next month at the gathering! With love, Sarah.”

I barely recognized myself. No apology. No explanation. Clean. Clear. No guilt. Just no.

The summer I did that project, I received so many private messages and texts from friends describing boundary related aha! realizations as they tagged along with my daily art posts and reflections.

Here are a few of those messages, shared with permission:

I loved this project and followed it daily. I am turning into a boundary boss, now. I stopped going to meetings that didn’t add value to my days.

I am learning from you that I get to express my emotions and be myself and that does not give someone the liberty to cross my boundary.

I am sitting in the unknown rather than settling for a known that isn’t for me, I have created space from people who do not have my best interest in mind… I can create my own safe space rather than needing to armor up which [is what] I was doing when I didn’t know how to keep myself safe before… a new skill for me!!!

I struggle to say no to my mom. I’m not sure I’ve ever said no to my mom. I love her. And I’m exhausted. I’ve trained her how to need me all the time.

My son XXXX! He’s very independent so when he asks for something ($40.00 for Chik Fil A $40.00!!!) I find myself saying yes, and I throw some gas $$ in as well.

After leaving a somewhat co-dependent relationship with a man with many narcissistic traits, I find that I’ve really distanced myself from most of the people I can’t easily say no to. I know this is not the same as setting healthy boundaries, but I’m just not there yet on my healing journey.

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