Writing Is A Good Way To Find Out What Is Going On Inside of You


(Photo I took in 2018 when I visited the art studio of Nathalie Lete in Paris)

1. Writing Has A FREAKY Way of Revealing What is REALLY Going On with You. Lately, I’ve noticed that writing in my journal is the best way for me to find out what’s happening in my SOUL and to get to the TRUTH of what I’m really feeling. It’s a place to allow scary new thoughts and ideas be seen safely without the world being alerted. Here’s why you should consider keeping a journal. Over days and weeks, your very own writing can help you get clearer on tricky decisions…you can trust the truth. 

2. Artists Thrive in Good Company.  MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (The Movie) Made me swoon. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Parisian Salons (places where writers + artists would gather in bars or living rooms to talk creative shop and to share their work.) In college I was obsessed with the radical women Gertrude B. Stein and Alice B. Toklas and their amazing salon and life.

In part this has inspired our Parisian Salon for Working Creatives (AKA: SHINE!) and you are invited to a complimentary 60 minute course!


-Feel more clarity and confidence about your artistic voice 🌈

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-Remove roadblocks to creative expression….🦋

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(Photo I took in 2018 when I visited the art studio of Nathalie Lete in Paris)

3. Quote Giving Me Goosebumps this week: 

“Zen wants you living, living in abundance, living in totality, living intensely – not at the minimum as [Puritanical/organized religion] wants you, but at the maximum, overflowing. Your life should reach to others. Your blissfulness, your benediction, your ecstasy should not be contained within you like a seed. It should open like a flower and spread its fragrance to all and sundry – not only to the friends but to the strangers too. This is real compassion, this is real love: sharing your enlightenment, sharing your dance of the beyond.”


4.  My Space Matters.  When I take the time to tend my surroundings…my surroundings nourish me in a way. They give me confidence and peace.  Sound weird? Here are some five minute home mood boosters for you to try.  This is something I deeply believe in and its why I co-taught Tiger’s Nest Last year with Inger.  All of that content is now free for our SHINE members.

My work space!

5. In Shamanism, There are No Rules.  It is, at times, a very solo adventure to explore this road of spirit. And, it sure helped me to have a teacher as I began to make repeated journeys to the upper and lower worlds to be with my spirit helpers (Alice the elephant and others). I had so many questions!  Here, I offer a few FAQ to help you if you are on this path of shamanism.  

If you are just beginning and would like to connect directly to your helping spirits (animal or in human form)… you can get a good start here.

Are you hellbent on claiming your own power and taking up SPACE in your own life? Getting more support than you think you need is a good idea!

You can book vibe-raising divinations, life- coaching, and shamanic healing/mentoring in August HERE.  I will be gone for much of September so please book ahead to avoid grief.

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