Trying something new…

Finding Your Why

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Hallooooo dear creators of WONDER and MAGIC,

I thought I would try a new format for this newsletter!  Austin Kleon’s newletter is in the form of a list which I very much enjoy.  Maybe you will too?

Here are some valuable tidbits I want to share with you!

1.  This is a time lapse video of a spider making her web. Tears came to my eyes when I watched it. I invite you to watch it and think about the way that you approach projects/your is it different?

2. Grab a chalice of kombucha and your journal. Instead of asking yourself (as many of us have been asking so much during the pandemic…), “What the heck is going on???” INSTEAD, try gently asking yourself instead, “Who am I becoming?” (tip from Spider, my spirit helper).

3. If you have come to one of my workshops , you probably got to draw one of my friend Heath’s salty “Sweet Ass Domination Cards”- they are the bomb.  Heath has a podcast “Never Stop Peaking” which is a cosmic exploration of higher development of heart, ming and more.  He covers plant medicines, nomadic journeys and so much more! Have a listen to our conversation here. Heath knows the territory of self-doubt and fear…and we talk about how to stop hesitating and take action. 

4.  I have been in a food addiction recovery (grateful for both Bright Line Eating and Overeaters Anonymous!) in the last few years and one thing I’m about to try might help you too! I noticed I was struggling to eat what I said I was going to eat (keep my integrity!) around dinner recently. Breakfast and lunch are no problem. So, I polled some pros, people who have a deep recovery and hundreds of months under their belts of serenity.  Ya know what most of them do? It’s might shock you! They eat the same thing for dinner every night.  Some do a mild variation (for example rice one night instead of cous cous or swapping out pinto beans for garbanzos).  They use the power of AUTOMATICITY to help them. I plan to eat African Bean Stew for next seven nights… I will let you know how it goes!

5. I have been sharing some 60 second tips to help you find your FEELGOOD and you can follow those on Instagram here.

6. One the best things I have been doing for myself lately is spending time with the Universe/God/my Higher self…I set aside a few hours and I paint, I wander in the woods and create prayer mandalas or journeying.

I hope you enjoy this new format?  Let me know!

Thank you so much for preordering and sharing my newest book! 

“How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get?: Daily FEELGOOD Inspiration for Creatives, Healers, and Helpers.” It’s written for all you wonderful creatives, healers, and helpers who make our world beautiful.

It will arrive June 1st!

Upload your proof of purchase (or screenshot of your pre-order) of “How Good Are You Willing to Let It Get?” and will receive my FREE guided meditation designed to help you discover your “WHY” and embrace your gifts.

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With much love!




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