The FEEO GOOD List This Week


(Art above by me-  Catching Ideas)

Here’s what has been tumbling through my FEEL GOOD hopper:

1. I got super inspired to make #cutup poetry by printing out a few of my favorite writer’s words, scrambling them and creating new poems.  I hope you try it during this “Poetry Month” of April!  You are an amazing creator.

My summer 100 day group experience, Creative Soul Retrieval,  begins May 15 (that’s our first zoom- and our creative projects begin June 1)

2. I binge watched  Lizzo’s Big Girls (free with Amazon Prime) It’s a fascinating and entertaining look at finding the courage to express ourselves and to embody who we truly are. The costuming and dancing alone is wonderful!  I fell in love with these women! So much courage and beauty. Watch the trailer HERE.

3.  I got the  LET THAT SHIT GO journal and loved this prompt:

List all the things you keep “trying to control the sh*t out of” but actually have no power to change…..

List all the things you DO have the power to change. What kind of positive actions can you take?…..

4. I spent time with a bunch of wonderful humans in my12 step food  addiction group- Overeaters’s Anonymous last weekend and found so much joy in being around so many people who have MUCHO recovery…if you suspect you might have a problem with food, it’s FREE.  You never have to be alone. I also am a huge fan of Bright Line Eating (not free but 20/month- which is much less than I’ve spent buying new clothes as I gained or lost weight)

5.  I was thinking about how glad I am that I noticed ( 4 months ago) that I needed a retreat and I planned one for myself that I get to take next weekend.  Do you need a retreat?  Plan one and your future self will be SO HAPPY you did!  Here’s a short guide for doing a getaway in nature-– no tent required.

6.  Book I’m reading:  Jud Apatow’s SICK IN THE HEAD.  He interviewed dozens of comedians and writers to learn more about how they do what they do! I’m fascinated by their habits and philosophies regarding creativity!

7. Music I’m obsessed with:  My friend Matthew Portwood is a yogi and incredible musician.  His music is sacred and always makes me feel things.  Listen to his latest track here. 

9.  TIGER’s NEST: Building A House of Integrity is the fall offering I am so excited about.  Inger Kenobi and I have been designing the curriculum and cannot wait to share it with you!  Secure your spot now if after you read more,  you’re feeling as excited about his as we are!

8. I had the opportunity to be part of a panel of novelists at the University of Minnesota  talked about:  Where our ideas come from, why writing is something we encourage and what our writing process is like
I hope you enjoy! WATCH

5. I discovered an easy way that my clients can leave feedback for my services- I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a rating or review here. 

I’m sending you infinite blessings! If you are longing for sacred insight (a divination!), shamanic healing, or life coaching you can always book a time HERE.

Much love,

P.S.  Dear local friends in Duluth,  I am teaching “Get Sourced” at SVALJA YOGA once again on Weds April 20 6-8 pm-  if you’d like to practice shamnic journeying or you are ready to try it for the first time- please join us!

Read more and register HERE.

I also have a new class coming up in May-  and you can register now! It’s via Zoom so you can attend from anywhere around the world.  I can’t wait to do this work with you!  Then in June, my 100 day Project course- Creative Soul Retrieval will take you further with your creativity- if you’d like to go!


Using Creativity To Explore (the Enchanting) You!

In this class you will have the chance to:

1. Meet, directly, the spirit of your creativity, a powerful force that’s here to help you.

2 . To experience the enchanting experience of creating several surprising little works of art using the unique sources you love.

3. To explore (with the help of the spirit of your creativity) and get to   know yourself more deeply.


Thank you Lake Superior Magazine for loving my new novel!
“With her sixth book, Duluthian Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, perhaps best known for Swimming with Elephants, brings her beastie knowledge and healing insights to the adventures of 17-year-old Meera in a coming-of-age adventure. Guided by her spirit animal, a deer she calls Sweetie, Meera digs deep, ventures far and learns how to see in a whole new way. Sarah’s scenes are visually luscious, her attunement with the emotional lives of her characters rich with meaning, and her uniting of the everyday and the sublime ring far beyond the last word.
– FS

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