Join my Creative Soul Retrieval: A 100 Day project

You might have read here that I'm launching a group #100daysproject ?

I've done these projects solo for a while now and I've been constantly amazed at what a difference they make.


How could it be that doing one small (tiny even!) creative act each day for 100 days could have such a huge impact?

I think Liz Gilbert sums it up when she writes in Big Magic,

"A creative life is an AMPLIFIED LIFE. It's a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life."  

As I've been willing to DECIDE to do these tiny projects,

I have learned:

  • to trust more in the creative muse
  • that perfectionism is one of my biggest demons but I don't need to let it stop me
  • the extreme delight of, sometimes, really liking something I "came up with" (or created)
  • to trust in my own ability to be a conduit for the divine/the creation/magic.
  • and SO MUCH MORE.

One case in point, I have an ongoing creative project (a sort of accidental #100 days that's turned into 150 days and counting!) where I exchange texts each morning with my friend Paula - we share our fashion ensembles! (GOOD MORNING PAULA!!!)


Through this tiny practice (taking the photo and texting takes less than 3 minutes):

  • I have gotten better at knowing what my style is
  • I have become more compassionate with myself
  • I have been ASTONISHED at the creative possibilities!

I don't have tons of clothes, but I can tell you that I have not worn exactly the same outfit once in 150 days. 

The permutations are GOBSMACKING.

And, when I dress up for Paula, I feel more cheerful.

I've become more willing to do hard things.

All simply because I became willing to do one small creative act:  Get dressed and text a photo.

It doesn’t matter how you express the creativity it’s just that you do it!

Many of us have put our creativity off.

We're hoping for a long weekend to work on our writing. Or, we dream of a  painting workshop “some day” to really get into it. Or, even, we dream that we can indulge in our creativity once we get a better job...when retire or when we win the lottery, when the kids graduate...

But, creativity is too delicious. Too holy. Too magnificent.

Too dang YEEHAW-generating to be put on hold.

You deserve to experience this flow now. This discovery. This joy (and sometimes frustration of course!).

WARNING: This process will also bring up your sh*t and it will also show you your LIGHT.  You will grow. 99% Guaranteed.

And we all benefit and delight when just one person decides to let IT (whatever sleeping giant of awesomeness and creation is within them) OUT.

"Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow."

-Kurt Vonnegut Letter to Xavier High School 5th November 2006

It doesn’t have to take years. No fancy retreat required (though you should def. go on one if it sounds fun and supportive!!).

IMG-4119 (1)

You can begin today. With ten minutes.

Sketch your coffee mug. Take an artsy photo of a grand old tree that has you fan-girling! Throw together an outfit based around a garment you’re saving for a great “occasion” and wear it. Write a Haiku. Arrange grocery store flowers in some funky containers you find at Goodwill and put them in your space (or deliver one to a friend!).

Last year I chose to create 100 images of funny Self-help book titles-  oh man that was FUN! And it was challenging too, because I was learning to use my new iPad and the app procreate!

Of course, everything is better when you do it IN GOOD COMPANY, so...

I'm launching a group experience! It's going to be a creative SOUL RETRIEVAL of sorts!

For 100 days...beginning on May 20th, 2024 , we will each make one small creative act (of our choosing) daily, photograph it, share it with a private group and self-reflect.

No feedback will be given (only your own!) from me or any of the participants.

But you will be witnessed by all of us in the group (we will “love” your posts so you know we saw them!)

Not sure what to do for your project?  I'll be sending a list of ideas to get you thinking in my next newsletter! You can search #the100dayproject at instagram to see what others have been doing!

This will be an opportunity to sit with yourself and discover just how much magic you’re sitting on.

I can’t wait!

Then, I’ll send you the link to join the Facebook group.

The Schedule:

There will be 4 Zooms  (all recorded in case you have to miss one!) AND a private Facebook group

  • Wednesday April 17th at 6:00 pm- 7:00 pm Central  (setting intentions and getting clear on our project)
  • Monday May 20th a  We all begin 100 days of CREATING and posting (inside the private Facebook group).
  • Thursday May 30th 12:00  pm Central (A check in to see where we are) 
  • Thursday June 27th  12 pm Central  (A check in the messy middle! 1/2 way to finishing) 
  • AND Weds August 28th at 6 pm Central (a wrap up and celebration the the fruits of our labors!)
  • Why join now? May 20th seems so far away? Because you’ll need some time to explore what project you’ll choose!

JOIN NOW, and I'll send you the link to join the private facebook group!

If you are unable to pay this full amount, I will be offering three scholarships. Please contact me at and tell me why you'd like to join and why you'd like a scholarship.

What participants are saying about Creative Soul Retrieval:

I appreciate having this structure to keep me coming back every day. I think it’s really likely I would have just left the materials in a closet, maybe for years, and eventually given them away. I’m always tempted by the lure of finishing, though, and in days that I’ve rushed I’ve made mistakes. So I’m trying to just go slow and be thoughtful and allow it to come together over time. And 100 days is a long time! Usually it feels like the blink of an eye.
I cannot express my gratitude for the way you and this group have brought me to a whole new level!!
I’m so sad this class has ended . It has been such a beautiful unfolding.
Writing notes creates joy. 🦋
15 minutes a day DOES make a difference
I can stay committed (not perfect, but committed) and making space for art is another healing modality that supports my well-being and my creative urges <3 Thank you Sarah for creating such a magical container
Surrendering to Self makes room for miracles ✨
Showing up consistently for creativity positively affects all aspects of my life.
I have a voice and it’s worth sharing.
Creativity begets creativity, and be open - beauty is everywhere
I fell deeply in love with my creative soul .
Creativity is a necessity not an option for a connected life.
My creativity is one of my best partners!
Creating is a soul's birthright, limitations are my ego fearful of losing control - I'm learning to let my soul's creativity lead without fear!
This project gave me faith in myself that I can create what I want and need in this life, and led to me launching three new creative living projects near the end, all of which represent major departures from my past experiences with making changes.  
Beauty is everywhere, just waiting for me to notice it.
Little Laura [a part if me] is safe, full of joy and can come out to play or share her feelings anytime. 
It is like I am aligning myself more than I ever have in my life on a consistent basis. I am stepping into myself and the act of sharing crystalizes it. My sense of worth has increased - things are materializing in fast and mysterious ways. I feel incredibly grateful. Thank you Sarah and everyone for witnessing me and holding a container for me to grow.
“I thought my 100-day project would involve more words.  Apparently my life may require fewer words these days.  I like the risk of painting.  There is courage there.  I hope it germinates and grows into other areas of my life.  I surprised that I've "graduated" from a box of markers to a full scale set of watercolors and acrylics and a coffee can of brushes.  I like the knives the best.  I think my inner and my outer and finding each other and connecting.  I feel more whole when I paint...when I share... when things aren't perfect, but they align.  Very grateful for this invitation.” 
I'm noticing that every day SOMETHING is bubbling up which is building my confidence as a content creator.  Loving it!
I am finding a part of myself feeling nervous about having enough projects( probably the part that doesn’t feel I’m creative to begin with, lol) and then another part that keeps reminding me to turn it over to my Angels and Ancestors, they’ve not let me down yet!
Yesterday as I was getting ready to go for a swim in Lake Superior I heard a voice in my head that sounded like the beginning of an essay. Montaigne wrote about and studied himself while looking out over his vineyards from a cozy room atop his estate. I feel like a time traveller now that I am spending each morning with him!
“During this morning’s automatic writing session, I was able to let go in a way I haven’t before. And I felt a strong column of energy that ran through and around my body. It was really lovely. I’m curious if I’ll feel it again or if this was a one time thingy. The words really flowed today. I coulda easily kept on writing for the whole morning if I hadn’t stopped myself. It feels like I’m allowing myself to get more comfortable with this process.”
What’s becoming clearer for me is that a commitment and accountability partners like y’all are ways to do that! I continue to love this 100-day process, both witnessing you and being witnessed in my creative process. I let go of the 15-minute time constraint weeks ago and allowed whatever each day invited me into. Day 50 wanted a BIG stone and wouldn’t settle for the first few weave ideas. This is where we landed, the stone, the weave, day 50 and me. I dig it. 🥰👏🏼🦋 wishing we could all spend a long weekend retreat together starting on day 100!
Sending love and my gratitude to this community of creators.  Visiting this page everyday was like swimming in waters with the power to transform.   Deep honouring of you Sarah for creating such a wise, giving, generative space for us all.   
I almost can't believe this is it 100 days... 10 words. This last word ease has been about thinking about where things can be easy in my life... I guess starting a 100 day project sounded kinda easy and at some times then it wasn't - but now looking back I have so many different thoughts and feelings... I loved all the 10 words - even though some I might not have chosen if I had known I'd be back in 9 weeks lock down (and counting...) I am compiling groups of the posts for further reflection in the coming days. HUGE thanks to @sarahseidelmann  for organising this! I will definitely do another one some day (maybe soon!)
   My intention for this project was to honor my body by honoring the food I choose to fuel it with and feed my mind and retrieve my soul through the creative process.
- I FEEL: amazed, inspired, exhilarated, ready for something new, sad won’t be with the project group or connecting/expressing/being accountable through offering these posts any more
- What I LEARNED about myself: My commitment to my self-care, joy, creativity, and being of service is of the highest priority for my heart and soul. I do what I truly commit to. I love a long-term project and a sense of completion. I am an artist and healer.
- What I learned about my ART: It reflects where and who I am.
- The HARDEST part was: Not going down the rabbit hole of perfectionism. Not resting when I needed to.
- The BEST part was: Allowing the project to flow and co-create my experience. Riding the collective creative group wave.
- What I would do DIFFERENTLY next time: Pick something less intense and consuming that is more away from the computer.
- My hopes and DREAMS are: That I will continue to design my life with these priorities in mind and that this will allow me to be of best service to others.
- I WILL: Keep going! Try other ways of consistently expressing myself: painting, dancing, jewelry-making, clay, and more.
I AM: Grateful.
   Thank you for giving us your time, energy, creativity, space, and a voice.
   Nourishing your relationship with Food nurtures you on every level of your being and reflects out into all aspects of your life. Please continue to feed yourself with JOY:
  • Keep Playing
  • Stay Curious
  • Continue Mindfulness
  • Trust Intuition
  • Create Consistently
   - Sarah Bamford Seidelmann…for your offering of this creative soul retrieval project, creating a safe sacred space to play in, always acknowledging posts (in more than one place even!), and showing up daily yourself as a beautiful example.
   - Project…for your reflections, teachings, insights, challenges, and co-creating that gave me deeper insight into who I am and how I can better manage my food and life with more mindfulness.
   - Project Group…for witnessing my project and allowing me the honor of witnessing yours. Riding alongside you gave me deep inspiration, support, and motivation.
   - Other Observers…for tuning in, being receptive, and giving me your thoughts and support as I went along - it helped me keep going.
   - Husband…for your patience as I took photos before we could eat (sometimes cold food) and for your support throughout.
   - Pandemic…for helping me remember what is most important, forcing me to break my addiction to eating out, and motivating me to step into full responsibility for my health, life, and service.
   - Myself…for showing up consistently, going deep, putting it out there, and making joy, intuition, and creativity a priority.
No man sketches out a definite plan for his life; we only determine bits of it. ~ Montaigne 
100 days I will never forget. I will hold all of you and your precious, vulnerable, beautiful creations in my heart ALWAYS. This project has been an incredible gift to me. M. Montaigne and I thank you for allowing us to play.
Day 100! Feelings of accomplishment!
Today’s love and gratitude note is going to my Sis. I was sooooo excited to receive the cards I purchased arrive in the mail yesterday! Just in time to use this one -may be my fav- to write words of gratitude and love. My sis and I are in sync. We aren’t twins, in this life, maybe another. I love her madly! ❤️
   By consistently showing up and prioritizing creativity, I have developed a happier, healthier, more mindful co-creative relationship with food which has significantly improved my health and wellbeing.
This project is a microcosm and reflection of how I can choose to live my life.

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I’m launching a group experience! It’s going to be a creative SOUL RETRIEVAL of sorts! For 100 days, we will each make one small creative act (of our choosing) daily, photograph it, share it with a private group and self-reflect. No feedback will be given (only your own!) from me or any of the participants. But you will be witnessed by all of us in the group (we will “love” your posts so you know we saw them!) Not sure what to do for your project? I’ll be sending a list of ideas to get you thinking in my next newsletter! You can search #the100dayproject at instagram to see what others have been doing! This will be an opportunity to sit with yourself and discover just how much magic you’re sitting on. I can’t wait! JOIN NOW!
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