The BIGGEST mistake you could ever make…

Halloooo dear creators of magic and wonder!

I just returned last week from a week of rest and getting the karma punched out of me (panchakarma, an ancient Ayurvedic cleansing/restorative practice) in Iowa at the Raj– the home,  in the West,  of Trancendental Meditation.  I feel like my whole system got to hit a deep reset button. But, hen I first arrived -it was a bit of  SHOCK:

 I had absoutely nothing to do. 

I like to think I live a pretty balanced relaxed life but I had forgotten what it’s like to do almost nothing.  I turned off my phone (except to check for email and home calls twice daily) and allowed myself to sit in silence, rest and fully enjoy all of the amazing Ayurvedic treatments that were prescribed.  (Think extremely warm oil being poured over your body continuously as two people-  yes 2- massage every square inch of your carcass).

In all that silence and soothing,  I recognized a few things…I’m often feeling rushed (to eat meals…to get places…).  And maybe the most important thing:   how afraid I am to take the next steps with my new book.  Each time I return to the 300 plus page document to do rewrites or to reread a section I have to muster all the strength I’ve got.  What am I so deathly afraid of you might ask?  Failure.  Failure to create something I am deeply satisfied with.  I’m also afraid that I’ll somehow ruin the parts I already like by over-editing them.  The list truly goes on and on.

I also observe that each time I do sit down to write/rewrite…that fear diminishes in quantity.  Fear is also always diminished when I  call upon my helping spirits (ones like Alice the Elephant) to help me out.  Sometimes it even goes away all together for a bit.  When inner critic is quieted …I make progress on my project.   I get closer to finishing something that means a tremendous deal to me.

Are you working on something now or trying to shift something and it scares you too?  Simply showing up and being willing to do “it” (whatever that is–writing, singing, painting dancing, public speaking, yoga, coaching….) just for a little while (even 15 minutes) could make all the difference.  And learning how to connect with a loving and compassionate spirit can work miracles…it has for me and I have seen it work magic so many lives.

This old fear is familiar.  I had it before publishing my first book, my second book (SHeesh!!) and I seem to have it whenever I have created new things that excite and delight me  (Hawaii retreats, online classes).  All of these lovely things have turned out to be SUCCESSFUL (when I define success as something that brings joy to myself and others!).

The thing is…I am not going to let FEAR rule my roost.  Its always going to be there but I get to choose how much space it can occupy.

Where is fear coming up for you?  How could you offer yourself love and compassion.  Who do you need to call for support or encouragement?  What would it take for you to look the monster right in the maw and DO IT ANYWAY?

With love and the courage of 47 honey badgers, Sarah

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Thanks Rose!

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  1. Sue Kearney on November 16, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    This is inspiring and a great article, thanks. My big takeaway is what you said about fear at the end: Its always going to be there but I get to choose how much space it can occupy.

    I teach — and use in my own dance with fear — that it’s always there too. The image I use is that instead of the yammering fear voices coming in loud and clear, the words become indistinct and scratchy like a radio station at the edge of its signal area.


    • Sarah Seidelmann on December 9, 2014 at 2:38 pm

      Thank you Sue Kearney:) So glad it resonates!! Please let me know if I can serve you in anyway- just email or fill out the website form:)

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