A Simple DIY Practice for Letting Go

let go

Letting Go- It’s time!

There is always a little something holding us back…another layer of defense, a fear, a grudge, an attachment to what used to be. The more we let go, the lighter we feel:). Here’s a simple practice,

go out in nature…find a stick and hold it in your hand as you think of whatever it is you want to release.

…take a deep breath (allowing all the heaviness of whatever it is to be felt)…

… blow (with the intention to let go) all of it into the stick.

Do it three times.

Poke the stick into the soft ground, bury it in the snow/sand or, place it in a stream/lake/ocean.

Walk away, lighter.

The earth can handle all of that stuff quite handily. She’s badass like that.

You can do this once a day- or any time you feel moved and observe what happens in your life as you do.

In peace, Sarah

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