Subtraction is the most powerful action.


I am recovering from COVID.  I’m out of quarantine and back to work but realizing that I’m still a little weary and in need of taking it S L O W.

Summer seems to be flying by and all 4 of my kids (ages 17-25) are home under one roof at this very moment.  Life is very full AND there are a LOT OF FEELINGS happening right now.

I have really been relying on my journal this summer. It’s become something I look forward to drawing and writing in daily.  Two way prayer is helping me tremendously with all of the things that feel so uncertain.

I hope that you are feeling supported in all the things that might be feeling uncertain in your world right now! You are never alone.

This Week’s FEEL GOOD List of Ideas!

1. SUBTRACTION.   “Life can be improved by adding, or by subtracting. The world pushes us to add, because that benefits them. But the secret is to focus on subtracting. …..The adding mindset is deeply ingrained. It’s easy to think I need something else. It’s hard to look instead at what to remove.  The least successful people I know run in conflicting directions, are drawn to distractions, say yes to almost everything, and are chained to emotional obstacles. The most successful people I know ……” CONTINUE READING at Derek Severs.

3. Did you know that 60% of clothing made in US ends up in landfill?  This is why I love thrifting at Savers (or Gooodwill!) for clothing! I learned that the stuff we purchase must (eventually!) be dealt with.  We have downsized twice and that’s part of my story in my spiritual memoir Swimming with Elephants.

I also love learning about how others have simplified their lives.This beautiful woman popped up on my YouTube feed- this is packed with calming ideas you can use to simplify your life + live beautifully!
Her video on money is also awesome!

4. The Poem that moved me so much this week and the art that i was inspired to make! 

Before it all is gone

wash your cells in the fecund aliveness

of the forest, in the jungle

this garden, on this mountain.

Even in the driest desert

there is some life.

Find it.

Allow the endless living pulsation to fill you

and also the endless death.

Let that grief and release

sink into your bones

and back out again

Until you are bathed

enough to remember

what it is you’re fighting for

and living for

and dying for.

As the web of life that’s always been there

to hold us all up

slowly unravels

and we see the rending quicken,

our choices become less about

the this and the that.

The battles waged have turned

now into a clamorous war

with no certain point of reference.

This one is unwinnable.

It’s all consuming and

terror has taken so much space.

So go out into the wilderness

and be with what is.

Be what is.

Let it be what it is

for even just a few fleeting moments.

You are the imaginal cell

waiting to become

what will be.

Be with what is.

Be now, with what it is

to make space for what it will be

after the war has ended

and something new is woven

with the interminable threads

of existence.


~ © Eartha Dancier, “A Moment for Knowing the Endless Now”

The poetry of Earthdancer

This poem reminds me to be sure to go and wander and lie on the earth as frequently as possible. She heals all things.

Art:  Before It Is All Gone (Digital Collage)
Find all of my fine art collections here including mugs, T-s wall art and more! 

5. Here’s an interview of an incredible woman who spend twelve years alone meditating in a cave in the Himalayas. What struck me was what she had to say about what keeps us stuck…she says it’s DESIRE.  Read more here.

6. I attended a 12 step conference (Overeaters Anonymous) in Omaha a few weeks ago and it was EPIC.  I met so many amazing humans living HONEST LIVES FILLED WITH INTEGRITY and SERENITY….wow! And the one thing that I heard that I had to capture in my art journal.

I am the QUEEN BEE OF TRY HARDER and I know that many of you are too!  We are the hard workers, the overachievers and the ones that can default into hustling for our worthiness.  But SURRENDER is sweet relief.

For me, surrendering to a higher power…or surrendering to Alice’s (my spirit animal ) wisdom is a welcome relief from my sweaty and exhausting “let me just see if I can do this ALL on my own” approach.  If you are curious about how to cultivate a relationship with a spirit animal, check out my class here.

If you are needing support, healing or help uncovering your gifts, I’m here!

I have spots open for coaching, shamanic mentoring, shamanic healing and vibe raising DIVINATION sessions! You are always welcome to read more and book HERE.

with big love,


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