All About NEAT and Other Things You Need to Know…

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(All about #boundaries– a piece from my Project- “My Summer of No: 100 Days of Self-Respecting Boundaries” )

Oooo there were SO MANY good ideas I ran across this week-  it was hard to choose just 6!  But, here goes….

1. ALL about NEAT:  I am a huge fan of Bright Line Eating  (a movement for food addicts to recover and become happy, thin and free)  I listen to the founder, Susan Pierce Thompsons youtube vlog nearly every week and this one really inspired me!  Did you know that If you walk (AKA exercise) for an hour a day – that only  accounts for 3% of your daily calories burned—62% of calories burned is from NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) … everybody should know about NEAT! Watch the vlog here:

2. What would it look like to NOT betray myself? I was running out of ideas for my BOUNDARIES project (My Summer of No: 100 days of Self Respecting boundareis) when my coaching colleague Dipa Savesoil shared this with me and inspired the owl art below…

“To me boundaries is the opposite of self-betrayal. Whenever I am unsure about my boundaries I ask myself, “what would I do in this situation if I didn’t betray myself?” This helps me so much. When I betray myself, I automatically end up betraying others too. If I do not also put myself within my own circle of compassion along with the others – I am betraying myself. It’s sort of like having equal rights to my own compassion. 🙂🌻

3. QUITTED; A podcast worth dropping everything for a while and walking for an hour in your neighborhood to listen to. 

“For all of us, there comes a time when in order to thrive (or simply survive!), we have to walk away from something that represents a huge piece of our identity. This could be a career, a relationship, a religion, a long-held dream, a social norm, a gender–whatever it is, it’s a massive part of who we are, and letting it go comes at great personal cost. Quitting means disappointing all the people invested in our staying; it requires giving up the security of what we know, and stepping into a liminal space where we’re not sure who we are anymore.

Unlike growing and building, which our culture obsessively celebrates, endings are quiet and lonely, because we don’t talk about them. Quitting is synonymous with failure. We’re conditioned to believe perseverance is a virtue, “winners never quit,” and giving up means losing. Quitting is only acceptable when it’s a waypoint to something greater, some imagined bigger and better future. But what if that’s all a lie?” -QUITTED podcast

There are two episodes with writer Liz Gilbert as guest, I suggest you start there! Episode one– fast forward to minute 11 to skip intros….

4. Our intimate spaces matter and are full of clues about US! I’m living with two competing beings inside of me…one is a HIPPIE MAGPIE- attracted to all things beautiful, shiny and colorful…she’s the one that loves flea markets and interacting with artists to ask them about (and sometimes acquire) their work.  Then I have this OTHER lady in me who longs for SIMPLICITY (lets call her “Sacred Marie”)…she longs for the kinds of rooms Saint Francis of Assissi probably favored-  a bed, a candle and just the bare necessities–elegant simplicity.  When we watched the Thicht Naht Han documentary, sacred Marie wanted to sign up for the nunhood.  Less is definitely (more) sacred. KEEP READING. 

5.  Forgiveness is a gift we can offer ourselves. 

“Many of us struggle with forgiveness, but that may stem from what we think forgiveness is. Forgiving does not mean condoning inappropriate behavior, it means that we release the hold that someone or something has over us. Forgiveness is not allowing anyone to hold power over who we are, what we become, and how we experience our life in the present. Forgiving others even if they have not apologized sets us free.”
~Nedra Tawwab

I just completed this Insight timer workshop on Forgiveness  on a Saturday night (hot date with myself!!) and it was so freeing. If you are hanging on to a resentment about something that happened or about a person or organization, I recommend.

6.  Quote that is resonating deeply with me:  

“Shame is the fear of disconnection.”

~Brene Brown

Is there something that scares you- that by making that choice or by doing something you might be kicked out of the “family” or your tribe? I know that this idea has kept me stuck for longer than Id care o admit in certain areas of my life.

Connecting with others requires that you vulnerably make texts, emails, phone calls…you are worth it!  The joy and relief you’ll get from reaching out are the reward. It’s soooo common to reflexively isolate- lets normalize connecting instead!

If you are needing support, healing or help uncovering your gifts, I’m here! Don’t stay isolated, please reach out.

I have spots open for coaching, shamanic mentoring, shamanic healing and vibe raising DIVINATION sessions! You are always welcome to read more and book HERE.

with big love,


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