Six Ideas to Inspire You….


Six ideas to inspire your first 2022 week!

As a reminder, failure REALLY IS an option! So wherever you start IN THE NEW YEAR, remember you can stop, make mistakes, FAIL and RESTART anytime. Grant yourself permission to be human!

Here are six ideas that I hope INSPIRE YOU!

1. Creativity: I’m committed to making more art in 2022. I heard once that there can be no art without empathy and I believe it’s true. When I read “Writing my Wrongs” by Shaka Senghor, I fell in love with a man through his words and it changed me. In my own humble way, when i make art, I’m attempting to connect my inner world to yours.

A dear friend sent me a card thirty years ago with these words  (in the art below) when I was in a very dark place and I clung to them like a life preserver. Words have magic.

Wherever you are at- I’m sending you a hug and a high five! You’re doing hard things! Together we are unstoppable.

2. On writing books: Do it BECAUSE YOU CAN!

“No one is stopping us, we’re not in a medically induced coma, we know how to read or write, and we don’t live under a regime where women aren’t allowed to pick up a book, let alone write one. Also, this precious opportunity was never granted to my grandmother or great-grandmother. They were busy raising a bazillion kids, cooking, cleaning, working, sewing, knitting, just now writing. Not enough time. Not something women did back then. Wouldn’t even have occurred to them. But WE want to. WE feel the urge, the stirring, the calling.


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3. Relationships  This quote blew my socks off and I believe this wholeheartedly:

“The healthiest relationships and friendships are not necessarily the ones that look happiest to the naked eye.

They aren’t necessarily the ones where two people are always found holding hands, giggling, dancing and singing with the butterflies on Instagram, where nothing ever goes wrong and love is beautiful and blissful and perfect.

External ‘perfection’ can easily mask internal devastation, disconnection and that awful, unspoken desperation to be free.

The healthiest relationships are the honest ones. And they might not look so ‘happy’ or ‘carefree’ from the outside. They might not fit the image of what a relationship ‘should’ or ‘must’ look or feel like.

Here, two people tell the honest, painful truth about today, and continually let go of all their preconceived ideas about each other. The relationship is forever renewed in the furnace of authenticity. There may be ruptures, misunderstandings, even intense feelings of doubt and disconnection, but there is a mutual willingness to face this seeming mess head-on! To look – with open eyes – at the present rupture, and not turn away or cling to the past. To sit together in the midst of mutual shattered dreams and expectations, and work to find a place of reconnection, here, now, today.

Here, relationship is seen as the ultimate yoga – an ongoing and ever-deepening adventure and rediscovery of each other, a constant letting-go and a constant meeting! Love is not a future destination, conclusion, point of arrival, or a convenient story to tell others. Love is alive.

As Eckhart Tolle says, relationships aren’t here to make us happy – for true happiness lies within. They’re here to make us profoundly conscious.
To break us, to humble us, to make us whole again.”
~ Jeff Foster

4. How to Bring Calm to a Stormy World:

“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul.
Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times.
The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires …causes proper matters to catch fire…Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.
If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.
Do not lose heart. We were made for these times.”
– Clarissa Pinkola Estés

5. If you’re feeling tired, here’s some wonderful advice…

If you’re exhausted, rest.
If you don’t feel like starting a new project, don’t.
If you don’t feel the urge to make something new, just rest in the beauty of the old, the familiar, the known.
If you don’t feel like talking, stay silent.
If you’re fed up with the news, turn it off.
If you want to postpone something until tomorrow, do it.
If you want to do nothing, let yourself do nothing today.
Feel the fullness of the emptiness, the vastness of the silence, the sheer life in your unproductive moments.
Time does not always need to be filled.
You are enough, simply in your being.

~ Jeff Foster [Artwork by Romany Soup]

6. A tool to rely less on caffeine:

One thing I’ve identified in years past is how I use caffeine to bypass feelings of exhaustion and “push through”…I also used Starbucks drive though flat whites as a “reward”. But my nervous system works better without it! I naturally run anxious and my soul prefers to rest when I’m actually tired. So I dropped caffeine. I still drink delicious coffee (decaf Nespresso) and I also discovered a wonderful alternative that I drink in afternoon/evening that’s made of dandelions! I’m not kidding! CHECK IT OUT HERE.

I do have one LOCAL in person event this month-  I” be teaching an intro to shamanic joureny work its for beginners and those who’d like to practice what they know! Tickets are here.

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I’m sending you infinite blessings for a beautiful and peaceful rest of this first week in 2022!

Much love,

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Martha Beck, New York Times bestselling Author of The Way of integrity.

About the book: High-school senior Meera has big plans.  She’s going to make the world beautiful. The only problem is that to do this she’s got to attend Interior Design School at the University, hundreds of miles from home.  She hasn’t gone on a sleepover since seventh grade. Thank God her BFF Penn is there for her because with Lorraine, her mom, it’s complicated. When Meera discovers something unexpected, a whole lot of confusing things suddenly make sense and, simultaneously, absolutely nothing is clear.  Meera senses she can’t get through this in the ordinary way. It’s going to take otherworldly assistance. But will she have the courage to open that door? And will it even matter?


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