Authentic Fashion February



Would you like to explore your own authentic style and get better at getting dressed in a way that FEELS GOOD for you?

Have you ever bought an issue of Vogue, enthralled by the beauty of fashion and hoping you could raise your personal style quotient only to to feel frustrated or overwhelmed?

Have you believed that some people just “know” how to dress with style and you just aren’t one of them?

Despite the fact that you’ve got a closet full of clothes (or even 2 closets full!), do you find yourself donning sweats or yoga pants much more often than you’d like because you can’t anything good to wear?

Do you remember wearing an outfit in the past and feeling fanfuckingtastic in it…and wishing you could figure out how to dress that way again for the person that you have now become?

Have you had periods in your life where you felt damn good about what you were wearing but, in time you lost that loving feeling and those clothes no longer fit (literally, or no longer fit who you have become)?

If you said yes to one or more of these or you simply long to CREATE MORE BEAUTY in your life, this is for you!

Join coaches and authentic fashion aficionados Inger Kenobi and myself for an adventure in finding your own authentic style!  We have a method that works to help you get clearer and build personal style skills in just 30 days.  all you have to do is be willing!

The Promise: If you fully show up for this month by taking (and POSTING) those selfies daily for us, digging deep into your closet and exploring, you’ll end up being much clearer on what your style is.  And when you discover that one outfit that makes you feel 100% YOU and AMAZING, you can begin to build more like that one.  You’ll even have a few great adjectives to describe it (or a draft of those words!) and you will be ready to do any shopping necessary in the future to fill your your dream wardrobe as necessary.

“I’m so inspired by everyone!! My heart is full as I get the privilege of everyone express their authentic selves, being open and vulnerable.  It is such a gift of an experience.  THANK YOU you magical humans.   And this goodness is sprinkling itself into my life in surprising ways.”

– participant

Investment?  This mini-course/adventure is $150.00 and we believe that, if it is your intention to do so, you’ll save that much (or more!) in spending on clothing/shoes/accessories in the next year with your newfound skills and knowledge about how to dress in a FEEL GOOD way! Many people have taken this course and found it has invigorated their dressing 365 days a year! (read testimonials below)

Let’s get READY! Zoom Friday FEB 17th 10 am Central – 60 minWe start dressing together! Monday FEB 20 (no Zoom meeting)

A check in zoom! Weds. March 1 – 12:00 pm Central

A check in + class  on Zoom! Thursday MARCH 912:00 pm Cebtral

FINALE on Zoom Weds March 16 12:00 pm Central

All classes will be recorded and shared with you in our facebook group!


From Sarah:

This started in 2020, for me, with a coat. This coat was so wild and colorful that it grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go.  It helped launch me into re-discovering my own authentic style anew.  I have searched and claimed my own authentic style through the years. My everything black period in grad school ( I was super cool unless you had a light haired pet) .  My Scottish highland lass phase in college (ruffled collars and prim hunting jackets).  Then there was a decade and a half where I swear I only wore hospital scrubs + a white coat ( I was a practicing physician with 4 kids- it was survival –but I did rock some leopard clogs–somehow keeping my fashion pilot flame a ‘flickering.

WOW. I had forgotten how much a great outfit (READ: comfy for me and deeply authentic) can make me feel LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!

And I’m also inspired right now because I’ve been in recovery from a sugar and flour addiction (I am a compulsive eater) and being creative with my style supports my recovery! And, no matter where you are on your body journey-  you deserve to feel fabulous in what you are wearing.  It makes a difference in how we show up in the world.

“I am becoming someone who is looking at my closet with much more tenderness and playfulness – it’s my art supply for my body! I am no longer feeling I need to fit inside a box when it comes to clothes and much more open to experimenting.”


So, I dove into rediscovering my style by exchanging texts with my friend Paula. Paula adores fashion and is a ninja thrifter and has been teaching me how to find treasures at Savers and Poshmark and I have introduced her to my favorite Salvation Army store. Like me, she’s been on a transformative journey away from sugar for a few years now. IN that initial exploration with Paula, I began really digging deep into my clothing “identity” by taking selfies of outfits each day and re-disovering what I REALLY LIKE!


Turns out that delicate jewelry isn’t my thing! I like loose jeans, chunky chains and rhinestones!

Jackie O style cardigans are NOT REALLY MY THING – and (yet!) I’ve been buying them for years!!!

“It happened today that I got up and got dressed without even thinking. It wasn’t until I was dressed and headed out to get an oil change that I realized I didn’t reach for sweats 👏. Thank you so much! Feeling like me again! Also I think this is a mix between Stanley Tucci and Jeff Goldbloom! 😂” – Participant

I’m looking for more danger and edginess and needing to take more risks!

Getting daily fashion selfies from Paula and (now) my, occasionally, from sister Maria too (above!) has been so joyful! I love seeing how they put things together! Neon Swedish clogs, velvet tank dresses and poppy jumpsuits! It excites me to text them my outfits too!  We are all feeling WAAAAAY more excited about life.  It’s creative and FUN to dress like this everyday. It’s making art.

The more I tweak and learn about my style and dress to delight myself, the more confident and playful I feel. So that’s why I’m sharing this with you, in case you want to go on a style pilgrimage with your own closet.

“This has been inspiring and freeing beyond belief. I’m building confidence and shifting a 20 year old narrative that I don’t know how to dress…. 💕🪄”

The process will unleash your creativity and reconnect you to your sense of self to boot!  We are living in uncertain times and anything we can do to enliven our joy and empower our creativity is valuable! Do you want to play too?

All you have to do is make the decision to commit+ dive in!  To get the most out of it, of course, you’ll want to take those daily selfies, reflect on the prompts and show up.


Here’s what people said who participated last year:

Amazing!! It’s been inspiring and freeing beyond belief. I’m building confidence and shifting a twenty year old narrative that I don’t know how to dress!!


Feb’s usually such a drag, but in 2021 ….I joined “Authentic Fashion February.”  One of the challenges was to take a selfie everyday and post it to the group. No comments allowed. Why am I telling you this? Because I felt better in Feb than I have for a long time. 

From Inger

As long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt about having a signature look. You know, like Jackie Kennedy or Princess Di. My only problem though, is that I have never been able to settle on just one style. One day I’m all about the French riviera look, and the next thing you know I’m dressing like I’m auditioning for Yellow Stone. Confusing? You bet!

Only, it doesn’t have to be! Ten years ago I went on a shop-stop. For a period of twelve months I was not allowed to buy a single piece of clothing. Not used. Not on sale. Nada. As a result, I got a really clear picture of what I wore, what I kept buying (but never wore) and the weird gaps in my wardrobe. Why did I have 5 Grace Kelly ballgowns but not a single good cardigan?

Fast forward to participating in Authentic Fashion February, and after two rounds of this challenge I keep moving closer and closer to a style that looks and feels like me.

All this to say, I’m crazy inspired to co-run this challenge this year. It’s about the clothes. But it’s also not about the clothes. It’s certainly not about following trends or going bananas shopping.  It’s about letting the outside reflect the most beautiful parts of ourselves. It’s about owning who we are and how we want to show up. Some people say, ‘Dress for the job you want. ‘ Here we say, ‘Dress like the most authentic part of yourself.’ What does that look like for YOU? Only one way to find out!

“I’ve never considered myself stylish or fashionable.  Grew up in a small town without much money & was 6’0 by grade six. I would have killed to blend in back then, or even just to have pants that didn’t beg the question, “Where’s the flood?”. I’ve never enjoyed dressing & never had a full-length mirror until the day before this challenge began. I wasn’t overjoyed when I saw my pandemic bod at full scale. BUT…I focused on how my clothes *felt*. Nixed all the tight waistbands, scratchy fabrics etc. When I felt good in an outfit I started to imagine I looked better. It became fun.


“Thank you so much for your Authentic Fashion February!! The joy of dressing myself has spilled out all over the rest of my life! You have done an extraordinary job of creating an online community that feels safe and intimate. I’ve felt liberated to experiment, supported in listening to myself, and validated in letting myself be seen for who I am. Love!”

“A few of us have been expressing that inner critic, or inner mean girl (I love that phrase). It’s amazing to me how much we are struggling with junior high school memories and teasing. I LOVE how this process brings us face to face with those thoughts so we can send them packing. Wow are we awesome! ❤💜💙💚💛🖤💕🎉🎊🎆”

“Keeping me sane my last month of working life and, miraculously, making me excited to attack my closet!”

“February is Heart Month, so we can wear red one more day at work. I am loving this men’s dress shirt, and pairing it with a favorite sweater makes me happy. I love how I’m sticking my hip out in this picture. 🤣 Should I quit my job because I’m tired of the dress code? Is that a good enough reason? All these days wearing what is not authentically me. It’s a valid question.”

” I used to think the “steal my style” approach was inauthentic and trying to turn myself into something I’m not. But I don’t feel like a carbon copy of anything in this outfit. These are all my clothes, just arranged in a way that was inspired by someone who has put time and care into making a video to help me see new ways to wear them. (Not that there’s anything revolutionary about this outfit, but I’ve never combined these 5 pieces on my own) It feels collaborative I helps me realize how much support is available if I’m willing to look at it that way. That feels liberating and fun!”

“May I just thank you all for being so incredibly inspiring and amazing?  I am getting so much more out of being a part of this group than I could have imagined.”


When we are able to connect with our authentic selves other areas of our life become more authentic too!”   🙏❤️🙏

“My intention today…memorial/joy. It is bitter cold in Denver today (for Denver that is). I grew up in Duluth and moved here for the sunshine and heat. Sarah’s prompt and story of her Mom and bunnies this morning helped  me FIND what I wanted to connect with today. These earrings were Nana’s my mother’s mother. She is my special angel. The necklace was what my mother wore on her wedding day and the pin was Mom’s too my Dad gave it to her. I miss these two women so much especially because they were so wonderful with other women. 💕💕💕”

There will be:

 -A suggested book (not required)

 -A private/safe/supportive Facebook Group (so we can each post our outfits selfies daily)

-Three FUN one hour zoom calls to inspire and assist you on your journey.

(these will all be recorded and posted in the group in case you can’t join us!)

-Personalized video content created just for this group to help you grow your STYLE SKILLS.  

Prompts in the facebook group to increase your understanding of your unique style (they will not be emailed or accessible anywhere else).



Let’s get READY! Zoom Friday FEB 17th 10 am Central – 60 min

We start dressing together! Monday FEB 20 (no Zoom meeting)

A check in zoom! Weds. March 1 – 12:00 pm Central

A check in + class  on Zoom! Thursday MARCH 912:00 pm Cebtral

FINALE on Zoom Weds March 16 12:00 pm Central

All classes will be recorded and shared with you in our facebook group!

“What we look like is the least important thing about us, but expressing ourselves through personal style can be a powerful way to deepen our self-awareness, and can even serve to help us love our bodies even more. When I started to see style as a way to communicate to the world and as as something to be enjoyed FOR ME—not something to impress others or to disguise my body—it actually gave me so much more love and appreciation for the body I have and has resulted in me spending LESS time worrying about what I look like.’