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“My Other Mother”
When my mom (that’s her mustard jar holding the flowers) was in her dying process we had a stolen moment and she shared with my that she hoped I’d find another mother figure to support me. In that moment, I already knew that I had another mother who believed in me. Today I had a moment of deep gratitude in the woods after painting realizing that my other Mother is everywhere and she’s everything.
“My Other Mother” acrylic and oil pastel on canvas. 36 x 36 inches (origianl is SOLD)
Prints + more available HERE.

This week, I overheard author and spiritual teacher Denise Linn say that 2023 is the year of the water rabbit and it is THE YEAR to plant seeds that will grow for that harvest that you want for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  WOW that resonated. There is much fertile ground right now. What seeds are you planting?

1. A WRITING PROMPT THAT ROCKED MY WORLD (it came from a Bright Line Eating Workshop)

Imagine someone who had achieved the goal you’re setting out to achieve (it can be you or another person). What IDENTITY would they have? What kind of person would they be? What would they believe about themselves?

Here’s what my writing revealed  for me as I head towards making more art!

She would goof off and take fun breaks!

She would ask for help.

She’d believe her work could change lives, esp. her own

She’d believe that her work was valuable.

She believed that her paintings could bring joy + healing to others.

She’s believe that every canvas and pit of paint is an investment in joy.

She wouldn’t take herself or her work seriously at all- she’d regard it as play

She’s trust that each moment of painting was precious and she’d focus on the joy of color + mark making every single day.

I hope you discover things that LIGHT YOU UP!

2. When Something is REALLY HARD and you feel like a CLUTZ and like you’re never going to GET THERE- hang in!

Breakthrough: In mid December I was so frustrated – could barely jump rope at the kickboxing gym….and  feelings of defeat dogged me but I keep showing up. Just last week, I was able to jump a double jump sustainably for three minutes but this week- I could not believe it—I was able to jump single jumps- and it felt amazing! Keep showing up. Don’t believe the voices in your head. It’s hard yes but keep going!!- HERE IS MY AWKWARD VIDEO PROOF!

3. EMILY POWER (ARTIST) is MY HERO.  Sometimes you meet somebody online who is an angel in disguise-  who teaches you what you most need to learn!  She’s a stunning artist and KIND HEARTED HUMAN!  Here’s a free course she teaches exercises to loosen you up for painting! 

I’ve noticed she’s not self critical and she embraces working fast + joyfully which resonates with me! In this course she shares some “loosening up” exercises- her work is astonishing! Follow Emily HERE.

Who is changing your life for the better on your social media channels?

4. What if you could be more outrageous, and daring? What if you let yourself be seen and take up space? What if you just want more clarity about what makes you feel like a million bucks?

Learning more about yourself and what you like to wear will not only make you feel better, but you’ll also stop buying a bunch of clothes you never wear. What a blessing! Both for you and the planet. If you want to participate in Authentic Fashion February, you can learn more here. We start on February 17th! INger Kenobi and I have a great convo about what this all means to us on her new podcast. LISTEN HERE.  

5. QUOTE I am loving! 

“Hope is not a strategy.”

Nicole Lance, from “Awesome On Your Own Terms”  Why I love it- its SALTY and gets at the truth of life— we have to get into action if we want our experience to be different.  No huge leaps but tiny actions daily…moving towards the version of ourselves we sense we MUST become if we are to be satisfied!
What actions are you taking today to plant seeds for the YOU you are becoming?

You can book vibe-raising divinations, life- coaching, shamanic healing and/or mentoring HERE. 

with love,

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