I m Still Using My Dead Father’s Shampoo


“The Pugs and Flowers Whispered Their Good Advice”- on show in Grand Marais June 1-30, 2024 at the Grand Marais Art Colony

1. I am still using my dead father’s shampoo.  He died almost 14 months ago and his “body enhancing” Paul Mitchell shampoo is in my shower.   It’s also taken me the better part of a year to work through one giant jug of Pantene that my kids rejected for some other fancier shampoo they discovered (and purchased themselves) on instagram. There is even more Pantene downstairs in their bathroom under the sink that will go unused unless I claim it.  My dad’s shampoo makes my hair feel a little weird and sticky. The Pantene is ok but…maybe I want fancy instagram shampoo too?  I am noticing the multitudes of “parts” inside my head popping off about all of the shampoo…

my inner multidudes….

-You should cast-off all this shampoo or give it to a shelter. Clear the slate. Get what YOU want! (MY INNER MARIE KONDO)
-“But why spend money when you don’t have to!”. (MY INNER BEAN COUNTER?/ACCOUNTANT)
-We deserve REALLY nice shampoo!! Treat yourself! (MY INNER INDULGER_
-It’s sad that you are using all the stuff nobody want or needs anymore (because they are dead).  (MY INNER SELF PITY QUEEN)

What does it REALLY MEAN that I am using other people’s old shampoo?

Ultimately–it means what I decide to MAKE IT MEAN.  And, I am noticing that my brain (or my parts!) makes so many stories about it!

For today, I have decided that I am using these old shampoos because it feels GOOD to use up the things I already have.  I remind myself (and all fo those reactionary parts…) that this choice has nothing to do with my value as a human being.   It also doesn’t mean that I am not being kind to myself.

Phew, and this is just ONE SPOT IN MY HOUSE.

Maybe you have a place in our home that causes a LOT of thoughts too? What do you (and YOUR parts) make that spot (or the things in it..) mean? What would you like to choose to make it mean?

2.  A Quick Way to Shift Your Negative Feelings About Your Body.  I have been sharing my journey with food + body acceptance with you all this year. This morning in my morning practice, I read this and it helped so much! When I stepped on the scale today to do my mindful and self compassionate weighing (I listen to a beautiful song while I weigh and type a kind comment about myself in my phone scale diary), I had strong not-so-nice feelings about the number I saw.

“One way to loosen the stronghold of being over identified with your body is to shift your focus to the values you hold true. Your core values don’t change, but seasons and bodies do.

It’s helpful to name your values because they will more easily come to mind, becoming mentally accessible and ultimately more acted upon with your life choices. Reflect upon what really matters to you, deep in your heart. How do you want spend your time on this earth? What sort of person do you aspire to be? If you had to whittle down your values-what are your top three? “
– Intuitive Eating for Everyday Life by  Evelyn Tribole

My top three values that popped up when reflecting on this were: spirit, humor, beauty!  I want to have a good relationship with the sacred/divine….I want to laugh a lot and create as much beauty as possible.  Remembering these values in my heart today made it feel impossible to reject my body.  What are your three values?  Use this printable list to circle your top 20 and then reduce it to two or three!

I am learning that I may never wake up every day and adore my body, but I can find things to love about it daily.  I can respect it.  I can be grateful for it.

3. I watched the Steve Martin Documentary and loved it.  I’ve been a fan since I was a kid and watching reminded me just how much FAILURE is part of success.  And it helped me to understand a but more about his mysterious personhood.  It’s streaming on Apple TV.

4. My favorite quote this week: 
“However we frame ourselves as artists, the frame is too small.”
-Rick Rubin

5.  Recipe I’m Digging. Most of us have some protein powder lying about.  This tastes like my favorite indulgent shake from a coffee house of the past, but it can serve as a meal that keeps me full for a long time and its delicious!

2 scoops Chocolate protein powder ( i use and like Orgain because its plant based!)
1 scoop peanut butter powder (or 2 T natural PB)
1 banana
2-5 ice cubes
1 c milk (plant based or regular)
1 heaping teaspoon instant coffee (I use decaf!)
1/2 avocado (optional- it makes it more luxurious and filling!)

6. So, you YOU want to write a book? Inger Kenobi and I created a Masterclass a couple of years ago that I know you’ll get a lot of mileage out of. By the end of this class, you’ll be able to:

• start writing, even if you think, ‘I’m not ready.’

• understand why writer’s block is not a thing.

• begin to craft an exciting writing routine.
Watch the Masterclass here.

There is still time to join Creative Soul Retrieval!   We will each choose a project and be creative for 15 minutes a day.  I can’t wait to see what everybody decides to do!

with love,

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