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Dear readers,

Mailchimp (or Mailchimp’s AI robot?) has apparently read my newsletters and encouraged me to more SKIMMABLE.  Gah! But, it’s so hard when you have so much to share!

In this week’s message, I shall attempt to be PITHY and keep it under 300 words! Let me know what you think.

  1. A FREE CLASS I MADE! It’s 23 minutes long (it was created for another event I’m a part of) and designed to help you connect to MAGIC-NESS via the work of Liz Gilbert and Sister Corita!  
  2. QUOTE of the Week: 

 “Without the spiritual component, the artist works with a crucial disadvantage. The spiritual world provides a sense of wonder and a degree of open-mindedness not always found within the confines of science. The world of reason can be narrow and filled with dead ends, while a spiritual viewpoint is limitless and invites fantastic possibilities. The unseen world is boundless.”

Rick Rubin,  “The Creative Act: A Way of Being” 

This is why it can be SO HELPFUL to have a spiritual connection in order to live a creative life.  

  1. When I Slow Down, I Cry: Grief sort of waits, in escrow, for you to make time to let it out. I cry because I miss my Mom and Dad.  I cry because I have more work to do with myself. I cry for all the blessings in my life. I’ve been doing this slow yoga each morning  and sometimes I cry. 

    4. I spill the TEA about my FLOPS and failures in this podcast.

    There is still time to join Creative Soul Retrieval!  I can’t wait to see what everybody decides to create!

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