Is your Inner Indulger (or Drill Sargeant) Thwarting You?


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Hello dear creators of MAGIC and WONDER-

Despite my successful elimination of most alcohol and sugar from my diet over the past 2 years, old cravings have surged like a tidal wave. Last week, during this pandemic, I said darkly to my husband Mark, after a particularly challenging day, “Should we just drink?”. We laughed.

For me, sugar and booze are not the things that are going to get me to my happy place in the long term. That’s because I’m an addict.

But craving these things made me realize that my “Indulger” was wild and on the loose!

My indulger’s name is Joan, and she looks like she just breezed off the set of Mad Men. She’s got glossy red lips, an uber coiffed head of hair-sprayed hair, and a fabulous skirt with a cinched patent leather belt and 2″ heels that match. Like a twisted and sexier version of Betty Crocker, she’s always pushing “cocktails and cookies.”

You might be aware that you have an inner indulger too. Most of us do. Mine just wants me to feel good…at any cost. The problem is that I (higher self Sarah) doesn’t want to go down that slippery slope of cookies and cocktails! I wanna stay woke and feel 100% as much as possible. I like how I feel without sugar and booze.

Now your indulger won’t be exactly like mine, but you probably have a similar part that thwarts you from doing the things you say you want to do.

Liz Gilbert talked about some of the common ones (Fear!) in her book BIG MAGIC. So, what do we do with these parts of ourselves that seem to want to wreak havoc?

The one thwarting you now might be your inner drill sargeant or a Mother Theresa like like savior…

The key is to realize that they are here to help! 

You don’t eradicate them, you open up to them. 

Here’s a quick breakdown:

1.  Become aware of what the voice of your “Indulger” is saying. (For ex: Let’s go SHOPPING!)

2.  Open up a dialog with your “Indulger.” (I like to imagine how they look and what they are wearing..)
If you know how to journey shamanically—ask your spirits to introduce you to this part!) Or journal about them.

3.  Let your “Indulger” know that you (higher self) are in charge and that you are listening. These disowned parts are often frantic or scared.

4. Ask this part, “What do you want to do? How can I honor you?”
You could write yourself a letter from this part, letting you know what it needs…

I discovered that my “Joan” would just like me to put some effort into looking snazzy. “Can you please dress up a little?” she pleaded.

I suddenly realized that I’d been staying in my workout clothes all day (at least on the bottom) most days and not putting much effort into my look. I had certainly schlumped out.

I promised Joan that I would do that, and she, in turn, promised not to constantly push cocktails and cookies.

As I write this, in honor of Joan, I’m wearing my fanciest earrings and a soft rose sweater with my best jeans and…I feel a lot better. I’m not craving cookies, either.

This work (often called Parts work or Internal Family Systems Work) is something I have been bringing to my clients. Just last week, I had a client identify one of their parts was a Rebel (I wrote about my inner rebel here- its a part many of us have).  

My client was having trouble working on some new habits to help her rise professionally. Her rebel was all, “Awww hell no- I’m not doing that boring stuff…forget it”.

When she conversed with this rebel inside, she discovered a younger version of herself who simply wanted a little time to stare out the window and write poetry about the clouds. This part was worried she’d be left behind if her career took off.

My client was beyond surprised at this discovery. And, my hunch is that once she begins letting that part of her write cloud poems, she’s going to make leaps and bounds of progress with her new habits.

Befriending our parts and listening to them brings harmony.  

If you’ve got a scared part, he or she may be holding back from doing the things you came here to do.

To learn more about these parts work, check out this book.

Shamanic journeying is a powerful way to explore these parts of ourselves and to empower and find illuminated guidance for ourselves.

Because this tool is so powerful, I am offering it April 25th via Zoom.

You’ll get a crash course in shamanism. You will learn how to alter your consciousness (using drumming) to directly connect to spiritual realms. This will help you get the help and guidance you need whenever you need it.

It’s how I met Alice, the Elephant, and I cannot imagine navigating life without her.

If you are longing to journey in a group—this can be a wonderful way to do your own spiritual work in a sacred setting. Experienced journeyers welcome!

Join me Saturday, April 25th, 9-11 am Central.

Is there something you’ve been longing to create, but it’s not happening? Could you use some support and guidance?

Or are you feeling a big shift in your life and want to travel this territory with somebody who has journeyed it before you?

I have openings now for coaching clients and for 1:1 shamanic healing sessions.

Send me an email and tell me what you’re longing for, and we can get started today.

With much love!


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