I Am Learning How to Pray

Marilyn Bamford (MY MOM) and me- Sarah Seidelmann

Over the last several years, I have been exploring prayer and what it means to pray.  My Mother has been a most excellent teacher. Recently, I asked her to show me how she prays each morning and it was so inspiring that we invited anybody who was interested to my house to talk about prayer. My Mom shared her method which is simple and profound.

She begins daily with “Dear friend….” and shares all of the good that’s been going on in her life (gratitude) and always prays for herself first…her concerns and her worries.  Then she moves on to pray for others..moving from her innermost circle outward to the entire world and it’s leaders.  She keeps track of her daily practice in a journal and as the things she is praying for find resolution or “come true’, she circles them.

Her book is filled with circled answered prayers–  what a beautiful reminder that what we ask for is often given.  It was such an inspiring evening and others shared their practices, their struggles (Am I teaching my kids the right things?) (I need more quiet in my life) and their were some hilarious stories.

As a teenager, my friend Suzi overheard her friend’s mothers very proper Norwegian women’s farming community womens’ group in prayer, “Please God…Don’t let us be shit-asses”.  Which reminds me that, above all,  it’s ok to PRAY IN WHATEVER WAY FEELS GOOD TO US. 

Here’s a little piece I wrote about some of the things I have learned about prayer in the past few years.

Two things everybody got tuh do fuh themselves. They got tuh go tuh God

and they got tuh find out about livin’ fuh themselves.

-Zora Neale Hurston


A question about prayer had been on my mind lately as I see the endless requests for prayers and healing for others on my Facebook feed: Please pray for my grandmother, my neighbor’s daughter, for the lady I just saw in the parking lot, my son…we don’t like his girlfriend (and wish they’d break up?). I wondered, Is it always okay to pray for others? And what about praying for specific outcomes? Could I pray without asking for a person’s permission? Ethically, in shamanic practice, I would never do any work without explicit permission.  

It also seemed, to me, that if prayer was powerful, then it follows that praying for a specific outcome for someone without their permission would be tampering with their soul.  Without permission, I worried, prayer could be sorcery—or at least using one’s superpowers unethically. At least, that was my  working hypothesis.

Prayer became a bone of contention between Mom and me. She’s confessed, from time to time, that she’s been praying for specific outcomes for me or for my children,

“Sweetie, I’m just praying that George gets good grades just like I’m praying for a husband for Maria,” says my Mom.

            “Well, that’s fine if Maria gave you permission to do that (she did) but, have you asked George?” I asked. “I just don’t think you should pray for others, at least not older adolescents and adults without their consent.  What if George was supposed to experience struggle right now in school, so he could learn the lessons he needs to become who he’s meant to be?  

In yoga, there’s a shorthand phrase for this active process of living fearlessly and doing our own work: “sweeping out karma.” It’s like sweeping the dirt or unwholesomeness out of your home to keep it fresh. Maybe a person may want or need to do this sweeping work for themselves. Or maybe they needed a teaching from an experience they’d had and there was no need to rush in and pray to make it all go away. Maybe the sweetness of life is in the sweeping.

Mom was exasperated. “Oh, honey, it’s just fine to pray for people. I’ve always prayed for you; I prayed for you for at least fifteen years to find a good husband.”

What about praying for the world as a whole? Or ecological systems? Presidents and world leaders? Tiny, helpless babies and children? Elephants up against poachers with AK-47s? Elderly people with dementia? Not to mention, there was so much distress in the world, it seems we could pray without ceasing. How do we balance taking time to pray for others with actively living our own lives?  It seems to makes sense to pray for those who seem extremely vulnerable (babies, young children, elderly) and those without a voice, like elephants.

When I finally get around to asking Alice the Elephant about prayer, she shamelessly takes my Mother’s side.  With typical pachydermal patience and grace, Alice explains,  “Praying is always beautiful and it’s always OK to pray because prayer’s purpose is to help YOU feel good.”  Oh the irony.  It’s about getting to that place of peace and stillness.  Sitting in a ceremony, months later, I suddenly realized how proud and pretentious I have been to question my Mother’s prayers.  How LUCKY was I to have been the subject of her prayers for so many decades?  I was also shown how many of our ancestors have been praying for all of us, for our future, the earth and for our lives.  It was deeply humbling.

Months later, the spirits offer me hint on how to pray that works for me and doesn’t ever feel like meddling.  This holy tipoff arrives when I desperately need to pray.

I was shifting uncomfortably on a blow up mattress next to my dear friend’s Maggie’s bed while our other friend slept alongside her. It was forty eight hours after her husband David committed suicide.

I tried to meditate …it was hard to sleep knowing Maggie hadn’t been able to get much rest at all.  My heart ached for her.  For her kids.  Eventually, I slipped into a dream.  In this dream,  was shown that Maggie and each of her three high school aged children were being embraced by posses of enormous angels with gigantic and insanely soft feathered wings.  A downy, divine embrace was tenderly holding each of them in their beds while they slept.  I cannot emphasize how large and soft these tender wings were– like God’s extra large cashmere oven mitts.

As I walked downstairs the next morning as quietly as I could to get coffee started I noticed something I hadn’t before.  It was a carved wooden angel with horn over their main entrance doorway…after that I noticed several more all over the house. Her family was clearly an angel kind of family.  That image of huge angel gangs with their vast wings sweetly holding this family lingered with me….it brought me so much peace in that period that I began to apply to everything that gave me grief.  

 When I envision [A distressing event or suffering person(s)] embraced by the angel wings it’s a prayer – it calms me and feels like a request all at once.  I use it for: ambulances screaming by me on the road, car wrecks, police officers (who encounter more suffering than the average bear), people who look like they’re in pain, people who look like they’re angry, people look like they’re out of control, my friend’s son who is struggling at school, Elephants being beaten into submission, Mark who is working long hours today and he’s exhausted, Donald Trump, ORLANDO, Syria.  The enormous feathered angelic embrace has become my three-in-one  prayer and  meditation.  This never fails to help me feel a little bit better. 

Do you pray?  If yes, how do you pray? Do you ever struggle with it?

If you’re local and would like to come to a future Prayers with my Mother meet-up at my house- we plan to do it again in the Spring-  just send me an email- saying YES to prayers!


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  1. Kimberly on January 24, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    Yes to prayers! I would love to take part in your next prayer time with your Mom. This is such a beautiful post Sarah. I have felt similarly about prayer without permission, and as I was reading, I thought, “How is she going to reconcile this?” But the angel wings! How perfect!! 🙂

    • Sarah Seidelmann on March 8, 2017 at 12:03 pm

      Thank goodness I don’t have to reconcile all by myself —there are brilliant forces!! I would love to have you at the next one Kim- I will add you to guest list! Thank you!

  2. Sally Zelen on January 24, 2017 at 5:18 pm

    I would LOVE “YES” to prayer!????.. this was so touching heartwarming beautiful Sarah❤ I have Angels all over my home and it is truly my Faith and Prayer and Love that has “brought me through” all!!?? in with the Love of My Darling and our Love Journey with Alzheimer’s- .. and EVERYTHING in life! ? … it is Peace and Joy and Blessed Answers .. they come in His Precious Divine Timing! …and, I constantly SURRENDER!? .. that was the most meaningful lesson I learned with My Darling every day and I came to LOVE IT!!?… the gifts, the surprises,the simpleness, the quiet, gentle mindful Energy and Knowing, our deeper Love, happiness in the moment,… amazing BLESSINGS! ?Big HUG sweetheart LOVE you in ALL you are and do!!!!❤???love Sally

    • Sarah Seidelmann on March 8, 2017 at 12:02 pm

      You are SUCH an inspiration to me Sally! I think of you often and your LIGHTNESS –always looking for something to celebrate and to cherish- thank you!!

  3. Anne on January 24, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    How beautiful
    Angels wings surrounding all

    • Sarah Seidelmann on March 8, 2017 at 12:01 pm

      Thank you Anne!! BLessings to you!

  4. marian on February 5, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Had an impulse to check out your blog, Sarah, something I haven’t done in ages. Thanks for this. I’m going to keep reading. This is SUCH a challenging time and so full of opportunities, and at times of huge change I find that you always have something good to offer me. xoxoxox

    • Sarah Seidelmann on March 8, 2017 at 12:01 pm

      Thank you sooo much Marian for checking it out! I am working on a new BEastie book and as I was doing my research and meditating on mountain lion- you popped into mind as I recall they were showing up a lot for you way back when! These are challenging times- and we were MADE for these times.

  5. Monica on June 29, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Thank you for your wonderful post on prayer, Sarah. It’s just what I needed to “hear”. I often wonder whether my own mom was interfering with her prayers for outcomes that she wishes for regarding me and the rest of our family and then I realized her intentions were really only for the best. Therefore, I choose my words wisely when I pray for others and, like you, continue to send Angelic intervention whenever I see people in distress or in possible harmful or dangerous situations. Your inspiration is infectious ??

    • Sarah Seidelmann on May 8, 2020 at 2:43 pm

      Beautiful! Thank you Monica!

  6. Brenda Lee Nelson on September 22, 2022 at 8:12 am

    Sarah, I loved reading this as I have wondered the same about prayer and how I might, with all good intention send love and light to those who are struggling. I have found peace in doing so if I don’t attach my own specific outcome wish to it. What a beautiful writing, thank you for sharing.

    On a side note, in addition to being a Life Coach, I am a Crisis Counselor with the Crisis Text Line. We are trained to use the words, “completed suicide”. The intent is to remove the stigma from it. This NEVER occured to me until I had my training and now I try to share with as many as I can with the intention of love and light.

    I am glad you do what you do and I am changed for the better because of you. Love you. ❤

    • Sarah Seidelmann on July 15, 2023 at 3:07 pm

      Gosh I am sorry I’m so late to replying! Somehow I didn’t catch this comment until today! Yes- agreed- not having a desire/outcome is ideal…I just pray that they get what they need and know they are loved…. Thank you for sharing this education on how to speak about suicide. Our words matter so much. Thank you for the work you do Brenda!

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