Limitations are Your Invitation


How do you know when you are getting really warmed up and ready to create something as an artist/writer/comedian/blogger/cakemaker/interior designer/decoupager fill-in-the blank creator of your dreams?

August Kleinzahler
Author of Sleeping It Off in Rapid City and Cutty, One Rock offerred this as his number one tip-off:

When my self-disgust reaches critical mass I seem to be ready to go.

This made me laugh ( lord I KNOW the feeling!)–and in a way its not funny…we don’t want to get to the point where we are disgusted or frustrated to such a degree…the best antidote to feeling bad–is (of course) starting to express yourself (in whatever creative work you chose).

I speak often with amazing clients who are fitting their creative lives around a job in the city, kids/partners/friends, dogs/cats, a crossfit commitment/yoga/running, a spiritual life/AA/Church/meditation/Buddhism and other important life components. It can be a mighty challenge.

Annnnnd, I firmly believe that it is our own perceived limitations are INVITATIONS to find a way around. If you want to create- you must be innovative!

In the link below there’s a great set of ideas and inspiration from writers- but if you’re a playwright or a painter or a songwriter or a comedian- you can apply many of these principles to what you are up to- and some are downright hilarious.  If I had to add mine it would be,

When you’re writing, don’t position yourself to close to the toaster as toast breaks can become numerous and at the end working on a big project is like being pregnant…and eating toast with butter and Spanish orange marmalade (or cinnamon, rasberry jam or peanut butter) will NOT get you any further along.  Replace half of toast breaks with 7 minute workout and you will find balance.  

Since December, I’ve been getting up every day at 5 and meditating  for 15 minutes and writing til 7 AM when I have to wake the kids up. It guarantees that no matter what happens in the rest of my day- I have already written!:)  This means in bed by 9:30 for me!

I haven’t always been quite this steady…but with two book deals in one year– and deadlines- I had to innovate!  And I think I may keep this schedule (except maybe not 7 days a week like I am now) when these projects are complete–I see how steady daily action leads to lovely chunks of good stuff.

All those petals can add up to a hell of a bloom!!   And when you bloom…oh my lord it FEELS GOOD!

I also grab ideas (when they float by during  downtime) to improve an essay or chapter and email myself from my phone or add them to notes on the fly. Do what works for you!

“[Create] every day. Anything you do every day gets easier. If you’re insanely busy, make the amount that you [create] every day small (100 words? [One tiny painting  One photo? One arrangement?]) but do it every day.” -Cory Doctorow

With love, Sarah

read more ideas here:…/practical-tips-on-writing-a-book-f…/
I am always at your service!  My schedule is a bit more limited this because of writing but there is room for you!.

In peace, Sarah

P.S. Another thing that has TREMENDOUSLY helped me in my creative life is building a relationship with spirit.  One way to do that is to go and seek a relationship with a sacred Beastie who can help you.  Curious?  Check out this brief 2 hour experience I created just for you to help you find yours!


I am working on a new book for Sounds True Publishing (coming out in July 2018) :

The Book of Beasties: Your A-to-Z Guide to the Illuminating Wisdom of Spirit Animals

I’m spending my days watching animal documentaries, shamanic journeying and receiving the best messages that the Beasties want to share in the book.

My other new book will arrive October 1, 2017 from Red Wheel/Weiser (not far away!):

Swimming with Elephants: One Woman’s Unexpected Journey from Physician to Healer – A Memoir

Thank you for allowing me into your life:)

Sending the blessings of every direction to you!


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