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Hello dear creators of WONDER and magic!

I was very inspired by a post my friend and colleague Amy Pearson posted today about the stuff that has helps her the most.  You can read it here. FEELing good for me also begins at the crack of dawn….around 5 AM to 5:30 (and really to get up that early–I need to get to bed by 9:30- or 10 at the latest…so...the day really begins the night before.


What the heck am I doing at 5:00 AM?  First stop is at our beloved 10 year old Rancilio Sylvia expresso maker–  I turn one shot into an Americano (basically espresso diluted with water) and it’s mahhhvelous.   I love this machine because-  it’s so well built it will last a lifetime and the coffee it makes is INSANE.  While the machine heats up I sometimes briefly check email and Facebook for messages.  I try not to fall down the rabbit hole too badly- but I’ve been known to get caught up in an eagle video. Then I head back into my closet.

In my closet, I’ve made a little altar in there…it has several symbols of special Beastie (and other) spirits I treasure.   Sometimes I write down little prayers on slips of paper and place them there….asking for help with things I’m working on.  I can also shut the door to my closet (keeping the dog and others out, LOL).

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Then I sit and meditate for 20 minutes. Before I meditate,  I’ll often read the daily note from Sri Prem Baba (subscribe at top of his page)  or other inspiring book like Eileen Caddy’s (hers has a Christian leaning but,  I love its Universal wisdom). It gets me in the mood (in case I’m not!).

I use a mantra.  I was given my first one in India on pilgrimage-  I loved the experience of using it. It helped me to “drop in” a LOT!  WHile you’re silently saying the words in your head it sort of hijacks your ego, I think-  so you can let go and become ONE WITH EVERYTHING.   Mantras are sounds whose vibrations transform us.  One of the oldest ones is “So-hum”.  Currently I am using “Ommm Shanti Shanti Shanti”.

I also use the Insight Timer on my iPhone to keep track of time- it has a beautiful series of “Sakya” bells which help me to drop into focus and one-ness:):):)  Plus-  I don’t need to keep checking my watch (Squirrel!) and wondering how much time is left- the bells let me know.  The inner calmness I cultivate during meditation helps me tremendously and on days I don’t –  the dog seems to bark LOUDER, the kitchen seems messier and overwhelm comes faster.

On days where I still have time post-meditation (before kids awake at 6:30), I will often take a brief 10-15 minute shamanic journey to ask for help from my spirits-  questions like:  1.  How can I improve the version of the book I’m working on or who can help me?  2.  How can I bring more harmony to my relationship with [one of our kids, my husband Mark, my mother etc…] 3.  How can I serve in the meeting I have today in the highest way? 4.  What do I need to learn most today?  Or on days when I am hurting I ask for a healing.  The answers and help I get from my spirits are often so sweet and so perfect-  they give me ease and CLARITY so I can relax and GET CRACKING on the day.



Lately, I’ve been tracking what I eat at “Lose it” app–  it’s a really simple tool for becoming more aware of what you are putting in your body and seeing how much you MOVE-  you can connect it to a fitbit or your iPhone motion tracker.  I’ve noticed that since menopause I can’t mistreat my body the way I used to, stuffing in cake, brownies and cookies willy nilly-  to be happy it wants more veggies and less dairy.  Keeping track helps me feel good! (I did NOT use it however, while in England and we ate cake nearly every day-  it was heaven!).   I like to have my cake and eat it too!

Grace Flower Essences


Flowers have amazing powers! Have you ever noticed what happens to a room when you bring a bunch of fresh flowers from the garden?   I always have them on my altar at my office.  Throughout the day I also use flower essences...during my morning routine and bedtime routine and while I am at my office working.  Depending on what is going on in my life and what I am working on I switch them up but I ALWAYS schhhhhpritz myself several times in the AM and PM with Japanese Tree Peony because when I am loving myself in the way the divine/the creator/God/higher power loves me- then I am BEING the person I long to be:)  Letting the spirit of flowers work on me during the day and at night while I sleep feels marvelous.  I put them in my tea too:)


For a long while post-sabbatical-  I was off list-making-  I had become such a taskmaster that the lists were running my life.  And then, this Spring I realized suddenly (gasp!) that I sort of needed them again-  to help clear my head.  I have a lot of projects I am working on. So if you have a lot on your plate-  lists can help.  Writing things down is a great way to get clutter out of my  born to FREAK  brain so I can be more productive.  I use Day Designer too-  you can get a free daily page by subscribing and print it out to play with!  It’s pretty so its nice to have around! Can I say how HAPPY  CHECKING THINGS off makes me!  Prioritizing the most important things is key for me-  because I never get it all done-  but I must get the things done that matter to me.  I’ve tried digital versions but they just don’t work for me (yet!).

What apps, routines and products help you FREAK on in your life and keep you blossoming like a lotus?  Please do share in a comment!

With love, Sarah


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