Miracles Are Weird Like That!


Hello dear creators of beauty and WONDER-

In the photo above, I’m standing in the alps in northern Italy amongst friends looking out on a glorious endless cluster of majestic snow capped mountains and the sun is beginning to sink behind one peak. The roar of the river and the church bells in the valley are the soundtrack.   I am sipping wine from a beautiful wine bar that two incredibly friendly locals helped us choose- its light and mellow and absolutely perfect.   Life is so good sometimes, I need to pinch myself.

I find that the way really good things get to us often makes little sense.  That’s why they call it a miracle.

I’m remembering the cascade of events that got me here, not all of which were filled with alpine laced bliss.I want to share my story in case it might help you with your dreams.

How I got to Italy began 5 years before we flew there.  We were trying to sell our old house.  It was a beautiful house with a stunning brand new kitchen remodel.  Easy to sell, yes? The stock market had just crashed (2008) and we needed a buyer in the high six figures who wanted to live in the tundra of Duluth, Minnesota. It was a long shot.  People told us we were nuts- it might be on the market for years only to sell low or worse, it might never sell at all.  This sounded a bit scary as we had already purchased a smaller home to move into when this one sold.
We had a dream.  It involved a smaller mortgage and more freedom.  And now, we had two mortgages.
Months dragged on.  I replaced my habit of worrying with reading positive statements like, “the Universe has got my back”,  or “all good is coming to me”.    I wasn’t sure if they were doing any good but I noticed that reading them every morning felt much better than obsessing (when all signs seemed to be pointing towards disaster).
We also took inspired action.   I created a website to help sell our house.  I noticed people checking out the site.  We decluttered  more.  We showed it many, many times with no offers but nice feedback.   We hired a stager.  We considered options like renting out the smaller house but,  they never felt good.Then one day, seven months later, we got an offer on the house.  A wonderful offer and we accepted.     But that wasn’t the end.  
Months later,  I invited the new owner of our old home to join a committee I was co-chairing to generate funds for a mental health project for local children and teens. I thought she might enjoy getting to know some people. She showed up bursting with wonderful ideas and several generous donations of her own.  She lit up the whole meeting with her passion and enthusiasm.  Our committee worked hard for several months to put together many amazing and beautiful offerings to put up for auction for the cause.  She donated a week at her beautiful home in northern Italy.
The night of the auction finally came and I ran into my new friend at her table.  I told her how grateful I was for her incredible contributions to the committee.    We were both noting how well the evening was going.We laughed together savoring the joy of watching the evening come together and said-wouldn’t it be amazing if this evening was hugely successful?! wouldn’t it be wonderful if it generated 500,000.00 (dreaming with out limits).  Previous fundraisers had never even come close to 1/2 that amount- so,  it was a long shot.
Across the room,  my husband began dreaming and scheming with another friend to bid together on one of the trips.  It was to the house high in the Alps of Italy.  This was not in our plan.  In fact, on the drive down to the event that night we had both agreed not to bid on anything

At this time, we had very little savings.  Our dream of downsizing had come true but I had launched a new career and was only generating enough income to slightly offset my expenses.The truth was that it made no sense for us to bid.  But something in both of us that night sensed it was OK to go forward with the support of another couple.  So we leaped.  We bid (with a few other couples) and won.  The trip was ours.What was even more amazing is that someone stepped forward that evening to offer a match of up to 250,000 for every dollar bid.  And so-  that night the auction made nearly 500, 000.00 breaking all previous fundraising records.

So here I stood in the Alps, soaking in all this beauty with great friends.This is the manifestation of one dream (which truly was my husband’s when he saw the trip to Italy)….and there are so many other dreams that were granted along the way to get us here.Our dream of downsizing and simplifying.My dream to raise money to aid mental health causes.

My dream to travel to beautiful places with great people.

Whatever your dream is,  I invite you to name it.
Take inspired action.
And find ways to feel good while the dream is coming into being.
With love, Sarah

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