Introducing GRACE Flower Essences: Japanese Tree Peony is here!

Grace Flower Essences

Hello dear creators of BEAUTY and WONDER!

 I’m so excited to share something I’ve been working on for you dear readers:  flower essences!   They carry the potential to support you as you continue to BLOSSOM like a lotus and express more and more of who you really are.
What the hay is a flower essence you ask?  Is it like a an essential oil or perfume?
Noooooo – here’s what’s exciting essences are neither scented nor do they contain essential oils (or significant plant matter).  Because of that, they are exquisitely safe for people of all ages (and pets!).
Unlike essential oils, essences bear ONLY the encoded wisdom, beauty and spirit of a flower, bottled in spring water…there is no scent or taste (note:  there is 20% ethyl alcohol for stability so these are not for those exquisitely sensitive to alcohol).

Why are you sooooo excited Sarah?

Flowers are beautiful- on that we can all probably agree.  Maybe you can remember receiving flowers on a particular day or a particular sort of flower is sacred or very symbolic to you?  Peonies have been a flower that has connected me to my mother through thick and thin.  My husband once gave me stargazer lillies at a critical moment and they changed everything.  I will never forget.
In the last several years, I’ve discovered that flowers have a spirit, an intelligence– just like the BEASTIES do and these big hearted flowers want to help humans!
As I began using them myself and sharing them with clients and friends, I realized that the essences, like so many beautiful things in Nature,  are empowered by forces unseen.

What do flowers have to teach us?

Well each flower that blooms has its own terribly unique signature– it’s own way of helping.  As I’ve gotten to know each flower,  I’ve met it’s personality.   Each flower has its own doctrine of signature–  in alchemy, this is what the flower tells us through its form, gesture, fragrance and habitat.

 Working with flower essences assumes one tenant:  flowers have a spirit that can speak to us…
The very first essence I began to work with is “Japanese Tree Peony”.  
When it blooms in my garden in Spring– I’m a geisha in the forbidden city being gifted with something extraordinary. The soft, blush colored crepe petals are enormous and exotic.

Creating a flower essence is both a physical and spiritual process.

I spend a lot of time cultivating my relationship with these blossoms…noticing them and drinking in their specific detail and form.
On a peak day – when the tree’s blossoms are at their pinnacle and the sun is shining, I drop everything so I can go ask the flowering plant for her permission to help me capture an imprint of her signature.
I carefully collect blossoms and place them into a bowl of spring water..and let the sun’s light pass through the blooms,  carrying the essence into the water.

Then, the deeper spiritual process begins..

I journeyed to ask the spiritual (or non-ordinary) aspect of the tree peony how it could help us.

When I showed up at the place where the flowers grow in the spiritual reality-  I experienced so much excitement!

These floral spirits of pure love and compassion want to be known and they want to help.

When I asked who this tree peony essence was best for,

the tree peony erupted in peals of peony laughter:

“EVERYBODY can benefit from my essence!” ~Japanese Tree Peony Spirit

The spirit or essence of the tree peony can help us to love ourselves on a deep level…in the way that God/the Universe/Great spirit adores us.
And what might happen if we could love ourselves with a divine kinda love like that?
I can’t wait to find out!  That’s why I’m here!

These are hand crafted and bottled one by one with love and spirit for you.

I’m taking baby steps to begin to share these. I hope to bring more of these essences out — each has a power of it’s own.
Tree peony: develop divine, unabashed self love.
With Japanese Tree Peony you will be supported in…..
– unmasking and expressing your divine inner multitudes
– allowing yourself to SLACK off and REST as needed for your highest good.
It can help when…
~ you are being too self critical
~ you’re having a hard time allowing yourself enough rest.
~ you’re longing to feel brave and express your inner multitudes for any/all reasons
Flower description:
Pale pink crepe petals surrounding a heart of gold stamen.
She glows at dawn.
What users are saying:
Sarah, using your Grace Essence is a daily self-nurturing treat for me!  Thank you again! -S
I Spritz in the morning to ensure I treat myself well during the day! ~L 

Flowers work at the level of the soul—from the inside out…

“The flower essences don’t do our inner work for us, rather
they catalyze our consciousness and capacity for self-reflection” ~Flowers that Heal by Patricia Kaminski

How you might feel while using an essence?

Excited and vibrant or calm and at ease ...
Depending on who you are….. you might be laughing or or shedding tears…
A new balance is being sought by our own spirits and something is happening to create an internal shift.
Flower essences trigger consciousness.   They help us become aware so we can make make new choices and beneficially impact our destiny…
Here’s how using flower essences was described by one person:

“I started responding to things in totally different ways. … The essences started opening new doors for healing. I started becoming stronger on the inside, less likely to be thrown off balance.”

Would you like to start a self-LOVE revolution?

Be one of the first to PLAY with tree peony!

Click below to pre-order and I shall mail you TWO (not just one) one ounce essences  (in amber glass dropper bottles) along with instructions and tips.  Two is nice-   you can keep one with you and one at home-  OR you can share the tree pony love with somebody you love too-  you decide!
$39.00 for 2- one ounce flower essences (shipping to US addresses is included).
They can be placed directly under your tongue, into your tea/coffee, water bottles, on salads or fruit, even into your cocktail spirits.  I use them in pots of tea to begin all of my client sessions.  Inviting these essences into your solo tea breaks or (holy!) Friday night celebrations can transform your experience.

3-5 drops 3-5 times a day does the trick.  It’s all you need.

Taking a moment to open up to the messages and wisdom of the flowers as you take them in enhances the interaction.  Because they have negligible amount of plant matter in them-  they are extremely safe to use for people (and pets).
 NOTE:  There is a small amount 10% ethyl alcohol as a preservative…so please be aware if sharing with anyone who is sensitive to alcohol.

Can you can imagine the essence of a flower sharing what it knows with your spirit?


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  1. Anne Peek on July 11, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    Hi Sarah, I love that you are doing this, and am interested that peonies is one of the first. I love peonies. Although I guess I love just about every flower, especially spring flowers withe their lovely scents. If I start listing what I find beautiful I would be here for 100 years, especially naming things iand processes in nature. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity to possibly win one of your essences.

    • Sarah Seidelmann on July 23, 2015 at 4:15 pm

      Thank you Anne~

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