We Must Become Willing to [Vomit] If We Are Going to Really Live


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“Buffalo increase the fertility of the land by the circuitous and ever-changing paths they take across a landscape. Allow yourself to ramble creatively without aim, being inspired by whatever shows up. Check out sources that have never been utilized. Disruption of routine will bring great results.”
-From The Book of Beasties: Your A-Z Guide to The illuminating Wisdom of Spirit Animals
by Sarah Seidelmann (SoundsTrue 2018)

Thank you for being here.  I dream that what you find here encourages and uplifts you. Together we get better!

This morning I worked with a lovely client who was expressing something that I hear often.  She’s getting the inspiration to create something and she KNOWS that it’s coming from spirit.  Yahoo!!

But, FEAR (of what others will think, rejection, failure and criticism) has got her stopped in her tracks.

If you are feeling the creative impetus to create anything (or share an opinion, or open a business or begin offering your magical services) this might be coming up for you too!

I was reminded of a conversation I had recently about famous actor Lawrence Olivier.  The guy was stricken for his entire lifetime by a fear of failure/rejection.  The guy has been in more than 60 movies and 120 stage productions, but he still suffered from stage fright.

Despite his massive success, each and every time his turn came to step into the limelight and perform, he often found himself so frightened and filled with fear that he would have to vomit.

It never got easier for him.

So, I like to imagine that in order for us to bring our own creative dreams to life, we must be wiling to vomit (hopefully not literally) every time we do our own creative THANG- whatever it is.

It’s been well documented that nearly all brilliant creators never fully slay the dragon of fear.  They probably learn to manage it in some ways, but it doesn’t go away.

A case study:

My sister Maria, a stand-up comedian has had meteoric success (she’s been profiled in the New Yorker, The New York Times and had her own specials on Netflix, Comedy Central and a full show she wrote on Netflix) that was so widely critically acclaimed it was ridiculous and STILL, she gets completely wiggy-jiggy almost every time she has to perform.  After thirty years !  And sometimes, it’s absolutely dreadful. Her husband Scott has to remind her that it’s always the same and (after the show is over)- she will, in fact, have survived and be OK…in fact sh’e will usually be OVER THE MOON happy. Because being creative can be one of the greatest highs in the world.

So, what can we do about this fear?

We can’t let it stop us.

My beautiful client from this morning summarized it so well,

“That would be like killing life!”

We don’t want to kill life do we?

No. We came here to BRING LIFE.  To offer all of our gifts!

So – we are not going to be rid of fear but, Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

1.  Don’t go it alone. 

Share your work with another.  Maybe its to help polish it (an editor or other support). Phone a wonderful supportive friend and tell them about what you are going to do to create some “safe space” for yourself.  Or, join forces (literally) with another person and collaborate.

2.  Treat it like an experiment, a fun one! Where there are no mistakes- only opportunities to grow.

This is probably why I love a 100 day project!  Sometimes we get caught up in thinking THIS IS IT- my only opportunity- and if I mess it up…GULP! But what if you did a little thing every day for 100 days-  maybe you’d realize its no big woop to be creative and put your work out there.  That’s what I’m learning. It’s actually FUN. Get loose with yourself.

3. Imagine your worst critic and then RELAX.

I read somewhere that the vast majority of us, when pressed to admit who we imagine our greatest critic is  see our MOTHER.  This is kind of fascinating don’t you think?  So, imagine your mother thinks what you have created or done is just awful or things you’re the laughing stock of Portman County-or whatever—  and then RELAX…it’s your mother. She’s probably been critical of a few of your life choices.  And she’s just a human being who, like us, is scared to do creative things too.

3.  Spend time daily with your higher power/God/Helping spirits/Your Core Beastie.

I’m talking 15-30 minutes in the morning. IMHO, There is nobody more interested in helping you to get this creativity out of you and into the world than these beings!  I might say they have vested interest!

So prioritize the time you spend with them…it will make an enormous difference.  Curious how to make such connections?  Start here.    Spending time with Alice and my other helping spirits always leaves me feeing more courageous, more loved and more WILLING to do my creative work fearlessly. Or if you want to dive deeply into working with a helping spirit for a creative endeavor, I offer shamanic mentoring and would love to help you build that bridge! The spirits want to help us!

I hope that you will find what supports you/what mitigates the almighty FEAR and you will do the thing you’re wanting to do (the thing that scares you!).

Maybe you’ll do it like Mr. Olivier and vomit a little into a garbage each time you do it.  Or, maybe, like ME, you’ll cringe as you realize that you just hit publish and it’s not perfect, in fact its FAR FROM IT.

But, you’re going to stop letting FEAR get in your way.

Let’s keep puking (into garbage cans) and stepping onto that stage together-

LET’s NOT LET FEAR STOP US… because the world needs what we’re making and dreaming of making and it’s later than you think!

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With love, Sarah


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