A Room of One’s Own is Important and Here’s Why

Having as Virginia Woolf wrote, “A room of one’s own..” is so important to the creative and healing process for me. The first space I claimed was around 2007. It was a decoupage laboratory! I plastered the cold cement walls with vibrant images of peacocks and horses and everything else that brought joy. There was glue and
raw materials and a boom box to play pop music on (I was in a Justin Bieber phase!)

here’s a blurry photo:

Above the work table hung an important sign I made:

The sign was there to remind me that I WAS AN ARTIST- so when I was there it was a good idea to act like I knew that! I was filled with such self doubt.

I still am, at times.  But, creating that “space” for myself was the beginning of claiming my soul’s sovereignty – or something like that! I began to feel more legit as I determined to figure out what my gifts and talents were!

Over the years, my “room” has been a small closet (where I could lie on the floor and meditate in relative quiet) and a basement canning room.

At the moment,  I’m usually writing up here. I’m working on a coming of age sort of novel that has been in the works for a few years now.  It was rejected by my agent so I got scared and put it away for a while. But courage returned through a variety of wonderful encouragin synchronicities.

On the third floor it feels easier to drift into my imagination, far above ground! My Ukulele, sacred altar (hidden beneath a cloth) and drum are there too.

Do you have a room of your own? If you don’t, and you’d like one, I hope you find a way!

I think it would be super cool to share our spaces- on Instagram or Facebook to encourage others who don’t yet have one to make theirs! Please tag me if you do! I wanna see!

Even the corner of a room can be a start! A closet that you add a stick-on light to! A door is especially nice- SO YOU CAN CLOSE IT.

Or maybe you have a space already but it’s gotten dusty? Could it use some fresh air? A Palo Santo cleansing? More color? All I know is that you will grow and blossom as you give yourself space and time to explore the things calling to your soul!

I pulled a card for all of us from my new deck!

(on mobile just pinch and spread with your fingers to make it bigger!)

This one hit the spot for me today because I have something I need to set right with my beloved.  Thank you ALICE!

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With love, Sarah

P.S.  For 100 days, I am focusing on creativity by committing to my #100 day project which you can follow at facebook or instagram. Maybe seeing my posts will inspire your very own #100dayproject or maybe you are already doing one!! I want to see yours if you are!  Send me a link!


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