You’ve Gotta Admit You’re WEAK

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(Art by me!)

Can you relate? I think this is what makes it so hard for those of us who are ADHD, or what I like to think of as “Born to FREAK”!

We love a LOT of things which can make it challenging to choose…

Just remember, you can’t take a wrong turn as long you choose things that make your soul SING, PURR, do a JIG or simply SHIMMER quietly!

I created this wacky art during a wonderful creativity course from my fellow ADHD creative at Skillshare with “Andy Pizza”. The class was SO GOOD!

In my book, “Born To FREAK: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans” I share a lot of concepts that have helped me thrive and celebrate my gifts- If you have been diagnosed with DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, ADHD or Asperger’s, check it out if it feels good!

Before I get to your WEAKNESS, I want to invite YOU to remind you of something AWESOME about yourself.

Please answer the following question:

This question is SO POWERFUL because I THINK it helps us to see what  is WORKING much better in our lives now, thanks to the things we DECIDED.

It’s important to look back and thank the 18, 36, 58 or 72 year old version of ourselves that was bold, brave, and LEAPED towards feeling just a bit (or A LOT!) better!

What was the first thing that popped into your head?

Once you think of one thing- you’ll probably think of another important shift you made!

You are AMAZING!

Here are just a few of the soul-stirring answers people shared….(as you read- notice which things here light you up…it could be a clue to a next powerful step for you!)

Gave up Cannabis

Stopped beating myself up for feeling anxious and started helping myself feel better with art, analogies and alchemy cards

Stopped isolating myself from society- got out of “caveman mode” and met my wife! We are now celebrating 12 years!

Took the leap and traveled as much as I could despite obstacles in the way.

Protected me and got to steady ground.

To stand up for myself.

Moved to FloridaLeft organized religion

Worked with psilocybin/or Ayahuasca (this was several responses)

Moving to the country and running a farm

Joined Bright Line Eating or a twelve step program to deal with my food addiction (several responses)

Leaving a bad relationship

Getting a parenting coach

Stopped drinking (several responses)

Stopped giving a rats’ ass what others think of me- especially at work!

Changing jobs- stress plummeted overnight.Breast reduction surgery

Said YES to life coach trainingYoga teacher training

Using YNAB to begin budgeting

Starting Kundalini Yoga

RetirementChanting and daily mantras- it deepened my spiritual connection and grew my community

Owning horses!

Bought a sailboat!

Listened to my soul

Stopped abandoning myself

Left the Catholic Church

Singing lessons

Going part-time at work

Closed my business and started making art

Stopped eating sugar and flour

Got a divorce

Learning to set boundaries

Buying an iPad with ipencil to make digital art

Using ACT to overcome anxiety

Started Ballroom dance lessons

Started Qi Gong and meditation


Swimming Daily

Going no contact with abusive toxic people including family members and creating clear boundaries with those that remain.

Getting a kayak and taking a solo road trip

Adding a dog to the family

Using my spiritual gifts to talk to people in spirit.

Quitting my job and starting my own business

Running away to Italy for 5 weeks by myself.

Working from Home.

What an incredible list huh?  What I noticed is that a lot of these shifts took a lot of courage….Quitting drinking, for example can be really hard if it is something you’ve been using to cope with BIG FEELINGS.  And maybe your closest friends and family still enjoy drinking and it can be scary to make such a big change.

We can do hard things, but to do them, we need support. In other words, a lot of the things listed above involved ASKING FOR HELP.(in the form of counseling, coaching, training or some other sort of assistance.)

THIS reminded me of one of my favorite parts of a 12 step meeting I attend is when we read this:

“It is [our] WEAKNESS, not strength, that binds us to each other

and to a Higher Power and somehow gives us

the ability to do what we cannot do alone.”

What a relief!  I get to be weak.

I actually MUST BE WEAK or the cure won’t come.

And to succeed I’m going to need to lean on others and I’m going to have to stay close to spirit–or whatever I believe is “a power greater than myself” because this problem I’m struggling with is WAY ABOVE MY PAY GRADE. 

I need to ask Alice, my spirit elephant helper, for help. I need to pray to be guided.

Years ago, I had to admit to myself that things weren’t going so well with my soul at work (back when I was sitting at my microscope all day as an MD- you can read that story here.) and I NEEDED something else:

…a sabbatical…some time alone to think.

I had to ask my husband for his support.  I hired a coach.  I leaned on friends. I started a spiritual practice.

Only, with all those helps, was my utterly WEAK and vulnerable self able to find my way again.Whatever it is that you are sensing you need right now…

More freedom.

More beauty.
More spirit connection.
More friedship + community.
More quiet.
More creativity.
More _________(you fill in what you’re needing)

You didn’t come here to do this thing called life ALONE.

Who could take your dog so you could attend that yoga teacher training?

Or go on that solo trek up the shore?Who might be your support as you take that big LEAP you have been contemplating?

What do you need most now so that you can do the “thing” that’s quietly whispering to you now?

Or maybe its having to SHOUT to get your attention?

I hope the list of responses got you thinking of how you might give yourself permission to SAY YES to what’s calling you (or to create a hearty healthy “NO” (boundary) on anything that is no longer serving you!).

What will you DECIDE? It’s the DECIDING you do that is most powerful.

You are loved and adored and I believe strongly that you deserve to FEEL (really!!!) GOOD.

As always, I am here to offer shamanic healing and life coaching if you have the sense that I might be one of your helpers.

With much love,Sarah

Curious to connect with your very own helping spirits?  Alice the Elephant has changed my life in the most powerful way.  Join me October 26 via ZOOM to  learn how to shamanic journey–  OR (if you are a seasoned veteran!) join us simply to practice together —there is power when we gather!!If you are local or will be up north near Duluth, MN this Fall, I’ll be teaching an introduction to shamanic journeying in person at Svalja Yoga.  There is one of these classes left: Sunday, September 26th, 1:00 – 3:00 pmYou can find the details here and register. 


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