What the Horse Taught Me About Deliberate Creation


I just returned from the San Luis Obispo area where Martha Beck, my mentor and colleague has moved her ranch.     I got certified as a Master Coach after a 9 month training.  I didn’t crave the certification so much as I loved learning new stuff and being pushed to my edges-  to see what more I was capable of- in my writing, coaching and as a human.  One of the most powerful lessons I got was from a horse:).

Horses are incredibly sensitive to our energy- telepathic you might say.

When I went in the ring with this horse and  a clear picture in my mind’s eye of what I wanted to create (a spiral pattern we would calmly walk together…in case you were curious) –  the manifestation of that dream was  nearly  i n s t a n t a n e o u s……as I spoke the words out loud– he moved to do exactly what I’d dreamed.  And the converse was also true…when when I had the opportunity to create something new- I sort of got clouded and confused with so many options.  Once I was in that mind state (ack!  confusion..opposite of clarity)…the horse left me and headed for the fence to wait for me to get clear again.  What a perfect metaphor for my life?

Our lives are horses…in a way…waiting for us to lead them…to imagine something beautiful, satisfying and wonderful to co-create with us?  Getting dead clear is step one.  What is it that would be fantastical?  Spend a few minutes *seeing* that thing in your minds eye and then…let go and see what happens:)  Try it with something small to just play with it.   Have you ever experienced clarity of vision and near instant manifestation?  Tell us about it in a comment?  Or the converse-  a clouded vision and a stalled out situation:)?!
Love to you all!  ~Sarah
Note:  Are you curious about how to work like this with horses and see what might be in it for you?   Koelle,  another Martha Beck Coach bases her work in the interactions between horses and humans.   Jennifer Voss was my facilitator and helped me *see* my patterns:)   Check our their sites and see if anything resonates:)

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