The Road In Life Narrows

We are 28 days into the 100 day project so far!
art by me created with procreate app on an ipad with an apple pencil.

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I’ve been busy along with a fiercely brave group of souls doing another 100 day project.  We are at day 29 when GRIT begins to be required to keep going.  And also we begin to see that with just 15 minutes a day we begin to create an astonishing body of work.

We discover just how much creative MAGIC lies within us if we are willing to give it a little time!  (My project is using funny self- help book titles to create a small digital illustration).

I wanted to share with you the post I made last week that has been shared dozens and dozens of times.

When I first decided to share it I was hesitant, because I wondered how popular or resonant the idea would be with others.

It’s not too “fun” to think about giving up the so called “pleasures of life”—how could that be a good thing?

BUT!!   I was so excited about your resounding “YES” response because it reminded me that, just like me, you are longing for more integrity too.

Here is that post in case you missed it:

What do you think? What comes up for you when you read this?

For me SUCCESS = INTEGRITY- there isn’t really a difference.

Success is loving what I do and how I do it in all areas of my life.  And that is a journey of course.  We never arrive.

For me, the truth is:


I can no longer eat the things that make me feel ill in good conscious.

I can no longer put off the things I say I want to do without being aware that I’m not really living.

I can no longer complain without realizing that I need to accept life on life’s terms if I want to experience joy.

I can no longer afford to be resentful for long- instead I have to search for where my part is in the situation and remedy it.

None of this is easy..but WOWZA the PAYOFFS are so heavenly it is worth it.

You are worth it. I am worth it!

I highly recommend Martha Beck’s latest book as a nice little primer on the topic (The Way of Integrity).

Or you can simply ask yourself what stood out to you on the wee graphic above–in what ways has your road narrowed and by persisting on your current path, you know you risk not being in integrity with yourself?

The last several years I have been giving a lot of thought to alcohol.  I recently read “Quit Like A Woman” and it reminded me just how difficult it is to avoid this substance in our society + culture.

I have landed on the idea that, just for today, I am not going to drink alcohol.  Tomorrow- who knows but, for today its a no. I feel like even that one glass of wine now has negative consequences for me.  So I am continuing to explore what it’s like to live without it.

How about you?

What habits or choices are serving you and not serving you?

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