Here are 5 FEEL GOOD ideas for you to consider!

1. It is SUBTRACTION of things that can create more CALM, SERENE SPACES. 

In our Tiger’s Nest program for the home, we are connecting to the stillness inside of ourselves and little by little, one day at a time, transforming our homes into temples.  Here’s one tiny assignment you could try!

Choose one tiny space.  A shelf. A small drawer.  A tiny table top. Set a timer for 5 minutes and subtract everything that does not belong or is not necessary.

Mine from earlier today (BONUS- I did it while I showered!)

BEFORE: Too many bottles of shampoo and stuff–leading to decision overwhelm and feeling of failure (why so much shampoo???). I was trying to use up all the shampoo kids left behind in our almost empty nest.

AFTER:  Just what we need (I consolidated a few bottles and put extra shampoo + stuff under sink so I can resupply when these run out)

These small changes we can make are the low hanging fruit but can inpire us to do the bigger work (AKA the garage, basement or all of mom and dad’s heirlooms inthe attic!)

2. I got interviewed by TED SPEAKER Sarri Gilman on my 100 day BOUNDARY project- if you want to learn more about why boundaries matter and how to use them effectively,  I recommend watching.  WATCH 35 MIN video HERE. 

“This 100 day project has had a really profound personal effect. I thought I had boundaries pretty nailed. I thought I was doing pretty well. This project really woke me up. I needed more practice, more options, more styles of saying no.” ~Sarah

3. It’s NEVER too late.  Angela Alvarez, made her first debut album at the age of 90 and was nominated for Best NEW Artist for the Latin Grammys!  Her album is in Spanish and filled with beautiful songs about Cuba, her home country– highly recommended for listening to while you are cooking in your kitchen!  

4. Quote that’s resonating with me a lot:  

“When two become one—connection can no longer happen. There is no one to connect with. Thus separateness is a precondition for connection: this is the essential paradox of intimacy and sex.”     -Esther Perel

I also believe we must cultivate separateness, ironically, in order to grow closer to our lovers/partners.  If I was looking for a partner, I’d be focused on cultivating the realtionship I have with myself and my friends + family.

5. Brianna Saussy talks about my novel HERE at the start of her video.  I hope hearing her PRAISE will encourage you to pick up a copy and read it (or to read it with a daughter or friend!) Listen on Audible to it HERE.

Lovers of nature, beasties, shamanic healing and interior design may especially enjoy!

You are always welcome to book an appointment for a divination, to pick my brain (on publishing, all things shamanic or coaching),  or for a shamanic healing HERE.

with big love,


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