Boundaries Are Built On Self-Love

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By the time you are reading this, I will have my bags packed and I will be anticipating my second journey into the Amazon jungle (GAH!) to sit and study with not one, but TWO of my teachers, and THEIR TEACHER.  The type of study we will be doing is a traditional “dieta”.  I have done one such challenging dieta before and I am so grateful for the ways my connection to the plants has changed my life and my healing practice.

Five years ago, when I asked the question of “If you could do ANYTHING and you didn’t need to feel guilty/worry about budget etc…what would you do?”

My answer: Go to learn from a master of the plants in the Amazon.

So, what would YOU do? If you could do ANYTHING and you didn’t need to feel guilty/worry about budget etc….?

I’m sure I will have lots to share when I return!

This week’s list of FEEL GOOD ideas:

1.  GREAT BOUNDARIES require a foundation built on self- love:  I am wrapping up my 100 days of Boundaries!  It has truly changed my life, and I may write about it one day!  I have been learning that boundaries are all about self respect and self love.  We can talk all day about self- love, but our actions (towards ourselves) are the most powerful indicators of the TRUTH.






+ SELF-care






How much you love


– CLEO WADE  (follow her at Instagram for more awesomeness!)

For me, self-love practice (the kind that PROVES how much I love myself) is a lot of things:
1.  Being sure i have healthy food in the house and my meals planned out.
2.  Taking time to be out in the woods alone with myself
3.  Texting my friends to set up coffee dates/walks/dinners/movies
4. Asking my love for the things I need from him….and being sure I get time with him (without adult kids!)
5. Making time for painting + writing (I block Monday mornings and Fridays!)
6.  Prioritizing my 12 step meetings every single week.

What is are the foundational aspects of your self-love program? 

With them in place,  you will feel more love for yourself and be willing to set boundaries with greater ease.  You are worth it!!

Bonus material on BOUNDARIES….

This course on boundaries looks amazing. I follow her on Instagram (thah’s her cartoon above!) and feel like she is one of the BEST BOUNDARY TEACHERS out there!.  This podcast about boundaries was terrific and features Molly!

2. The Act of Being Creative Heals + Restores Us.  Do you like to art- journal or are you art-journal curious?  I love to learn from other creatives and artist’s because I always discover things about myself/my style or the way I think! This post grabbed my attention, because she’s using a favorite book for inspiration to art journal!  What if you grabbed any old journal laying about,  some paints or pens and selected one of your favorite novels, books of poetry or even non-fiction and allowed yourself to art journal? 

I’d LOVE to see what you make! Please tag me or hit reply to this and share!

3. Partnerships in WORK can BE DIVINE!  Shared glory/shared responsibility! This year one of the greatest gifts has been collaborating with Inger Kenobi!  It started with my curiosity! I heard she was doing a writing retreat for a month with a friend- I asked if I could interview her!   Like me, she’s committed to a spiritual path and I love learning about her tradition.  She shared with me the concept of a Tertön. and I was so taken by it….I believe that you (and me!) are a little bit Tertön.  (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO) 

4.  Registration is NOW open for ​Tigers Nest: Building a House of Integrity!

This is for people who want to walk into their home and feel a  greater sense of joy and belonging.

For people who want to create more and consume less.

For people who want to create new memories, not just dust and organise old ones.

For people who are sick of their dreams getting caught in the crossfire between chores and obligations.

For people who love the idea of creating a home that feels like a living, breathing shrine to the life they want to live. ​


​5.  Quote I am obsessed with: 

“A marriage is many things, and barely any of them are safe. A marriage, at its best, is challenging, dangerous, complicated and meaningful, and requires, like anything of true value, a certain amount of sacrifice and a certain amount of work. Inside it exists sorrows and joys, both big and small, and failures and triumphs too. But within this complex marital vortex there is, for me, a constant that never waivers – and here lies my safe space. My safe space is in the regard of my wife’s gaze. By this I mean when I look into the eyes of my wife I find a beauty, and this beauty has a moral value, of goodness; a goodness that manifests as a kind of benevolence. And that goodness reflects back and elicits my own goodness and, in turn, the necessary goodness of the world. Within this incoming and outpouring of reciprocal regard lies our mutual protection which is my saving and my wife’s saving. Put simply, we see each other, and through that seeing we want the best for each other, without condition – she has me and I have her. There, in the benevolent eyes of my wife, is my safest space and my truest privilege.”

Love, Nick Cave (his newsletter is interesting!)

I will return from the jungle (filled with stillness and ever more spirit!) and available for coaching, shamanic mentoring, shamanic healing and vibe raising DIVINATION sessions!

You are always welcome to read more and book HERE.

with big love,


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