Take Yourself on a Mini-Pilgrimage and More

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Phew! This last week has felt INTENSE!  The astrologers say there is A LOT going on right now in the sky, so it’s a good idea to TAKE IT EASY with ourselves. The full moon is on Thursday-always a good day to be gentle with yoursel, take stock of all of your blessings and release what no longer serves.

Here are some FEEL GOOD ideas that I hope inspire you and help you find your way!

1. Take Yourself on a Mini-pilgrimage.  This past Sunday I was feeling hella intense emotions and in need of quality time with my Higher Power/The Creator?God/The Universe- sheeeeesh.  I packed a back pack with a nice blanket, a modest lunch, my journal and some water. On the way to the trailhead, I picked up a dozen multicolored roses for $7.99 (wow!).  I walked along the riverside, stopping to pray, share gratitude and ask for help at various points where I felt drawn to. It was magnificent.  Set some time aside, find something to offer (flowers, tobacco…or whatever feels right to you!) and you’ll be so glad you did!

2. My frequent partner in collaborations, Inger Kenobi, has some great advice for you if you are needing CLARITY.

From Inger:

“Who’s looking for clarity? Only everyone. I have 5 new clients, and all of them answers ‘clarity’ to the question, ‘what do you hope to get out of our time together?’

1. Go on a walk (or a swim) with the intention of finding clarity and knowing. I often say to myself l, ‘on this walk I leave confusion and doubt behind and return with trust and knowing.’

2. Ask yourself: what is ONE thing I can do within the next hour to move in the right direction?

3. If you could get going without becoming better or smarter, if you could just give yourself permission to do whatever you want to do as YOU, how would that change things?

4. If your role model could send you a text to help you on your way, what would it say? You can FIND INGER here. 

3. Feeling my feelings is high on my list these days (NUMBING out, distracting myself, ignoring my experience is what I aim to STOP DOING).  This lovely post from @emilyonlife really got me thinking about HOW we (step by step) FEEEEEEL THINGS, but can slip back into THINKING THINGS.  Keep getting back into your body…and the breath is a heck of a tool for that!

4. “There is no such thing as one way liberation” – Liz Gilbert  This is SUCH an important thing for us, the helpers, healers, creatives, and empaths of the world to remember!  We can get worried that If we choose to free ourselves (from treachery, a situation, a job, a friendship, a family member etc), it will cause pain + sufferring for somebody we care about. But, the truth, Liz reminds us is that if we get FREE…so do they.  No one way liberation.  

The beginning of this podcast is so powerful! (First 15 minutes!) She addresses this topic.

5. I saw this stop motion animation film about a SHELL named Marcel this week with my dad and Mark– I’m still thinking about some of the ideas about community, loneliness and why we don’t do the things the Universe is begging us to do! Watch the TRAILER HERE. 

6. Does a Pilgrimage in the wild excite you?  I’m so inspired by my several women friends who have done SACRED SOLO OUTDOOR TRAVEL – I have several podcast episodes here for you to enjoy!   Ever since going to the Boundary Waters with my friend Gini in June I’ve been dreaming of my first solo expedition.  This writer kind of covers my fears (and maybe you have them too?)…..


(My friend Gini at our glorious campsite supported by ancient stone)

7. Quote I’m reflecting on: 

We do not think ourselves into new ways of living,

we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.

~ Richard Rohr

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