Reverse Bucket Lists and More


Here are 5 things I’m Extremely KEEN on this week!

1.  Reverse Bucket Lists Rock.  It’s fabulous to have outrageous dreams and goals.  But, sometimes they can overshadow things and make us feel less satisfied with our lives…or make us chronically feel as if we are “missing the mark”.  I have felt full on SHAME in moments that I haven’t accomplished goals I set for myself 13 years ago…what to do?
You need a REVERSE BUCKET LIST.  (see mine at the link)

2.  Keep Making Your Art. It’s Sacred.  I attended an incredible live musical this week that was put on in a small black box theatre.  It hit deep.  It was funny, salty, and deeply rejuvenating (It’s called Dance TV and it will play again in Duluth, MN in May 2024).  I couldn’t imagine how hard they all had to work to put it on- the dancing and the costumes– WOW.

I had a hunch that maybe some of them got paid a bit from an arts grant but, it probably wasn’t much. Not enough to support a person.

And it reminded me that if we let capitalism rule us ( i.e. we let the the flow of art to be controlled by money:  we only make art if we can get paid enough to make a living- or we wont make it if we don’t get paid.) …the world would be art deficient and that would be terrible.  I sometimes wrestle with buying canvases and more paint, worrying that if I can’t sell the work then it is, somehow, wasteful.  Making art is never wasteful.  It is profoundly amazing.

I must keep making art no matter what! Even when it breaks even. Even when it costs money to produce. Art is POWERFUL. I hope you never stop.

3.  Between Eclipses It’s Good to Peek at the Shadow.  My teacher once told me that “You don’t need to focus on your shadow, but you do need to acknowledge it periodically….look at it but don’t stare.”  When we are unaware of it, it can wreak some serious havoc.   These lovely shadow journaling prompts found me via SVALJA yoga.  And I plan to sit with them myself this next week.

Shadow Meditation for inner exploration by Laura Hand.

  • What has been my personal harvest this year, what has grown into full expression and brought me joy? Begin each sentence with I celebrate…
  • What seeds of insight will I collect and re-plant in the next season? I nourish…
  • Where am I holding back or ceding to doubt? What fears are stalling me? I am afraid of…
  • Where am I creating struggle or holding on? How can I conserve energy by releasing any unnecessary effort in this cycle? I release…
  • Am I housing any latent anger towards myself or others? How can I liberate myself from it? I forgive…
  • Do I presently feel ashamed or embarrassed by any behaviors or decisions I have made? How can I lay them to rest? I accept…
  • Do I feel guilty for any of my thoughts, words, or actions? How can I make a conscious change? I resolve…
  • If my body were to speak, what would it say to me? I hear…

4. Quote I’m loving this week:  

The body always knows the truth before I do. The nervous system is God’s best messaging device.
~Liz Gilbert (via her latest substack)

5:  A Known Way To Boost Your Mood is To Appreciate. We know from the studies in Positive Psychology that writing a single love letter to a person who you appreciate can improve happiness (read it to them in person and you’re even happier!). In light of this, I designed a wee love letter project for myself. It’s an imaginary dinner where all of my creative heroes come and I deign a dinner plate for each. This combines my obsession with fine china (esp. English!) and awesome humans.

Martha Beck has been a guiding light for me since I first read “Finding Your North Star” so many years ago. The book had me laughing and crying as I had the realization that I was not alone and that maybe- just MAYBE….it was OK for me to be a doctor and a little bit obsessed with decoupage and personal transformation. Maybe my yearnings were not to be ignored but celebrated and nurtured. 

Eventually, I got the courage to sign up for her Wayfinder Coach training and felt immense relief upon meeting so many people just like me who longer to feel better + to help others to do the same. Eventually, I dreamed that I might work for her company and I did, as a Master coach and curriculum  creator- what a beautiful experience.

I’m grateful to Martha for showing me how to recover + thrive as myself in this crazy challenging + absolutely beautiful world!

Her latest book “The Way of Integrity” caused me to make incredible shifts – it feels like her masterpiece.

Learn more about her books + work here.

5.  Our Homes Are So Potent! This tour tells you so much about it’s inhabitants- they are fun and they clearly adore ART and artists! Please enjoy this tour of  Simon Doonan’s home with his partner, Joanathan Adler.   

You can schedule vibe-raising divinations, life- coaching, and shamanic healing/mentoring  HERE. 

If you are curious about when it might be a good time for a shamanic healing session, please read this. 

with love,

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