Please be IRRESPONSIBLE today.

Art by Sarah Seidelmann 100 day project Self Help Satire

Dear creators of beauty and wonder!

A theme that I see popping up again and again in my own life (and in the lives of my clients) is this:

We long to feel connected…to belong….to matter.

Maybe you’re like me and your modus operandi for FEELING CONNECTED/MATTERING  is to keep your nose to the grindstone and take care of all of your responsibilities (and lord knows you’ve got LOTS because you’re such a capable human!)…  left to your own devices, you forget to play, make dates to goof off and practice [small and legal] ways to be irresponsible.

When we are always feeling soooo RESPONSIBLE for everything-  our work, our kids, our clients, our health, our relationship with our partners, our [fill in the blank] —-the most powerful medicine in the world can be to make a bit of room for IRRESPONSIBILITY.

I’m talking an hour to go wander in an art supply shop, a funky FIELD TRIP to the city, A BIG FAT CAT NAP, tandoori takeout (you’ll have to MUFFLE the voice that says-  “you should be able to cook all of the meals!”).

We must give ourself permission to be a teensie tiny bit irresponsible every day-  that’s where the FEEL GOOD comes from.  The connection to ourselves.  To our dear friends.  To our own light beaming, golden ball of fiery light souls.  And when we experience the joy of that connection and that LIGHT-  everything we want to do becomes more effortless…more joyful!

What are you craving?  A little AC/DC cranked on the stereo at volume of 11?  A trip around the world?  Who do you need to call to set up a top secret get away for the afternoon?  I invite you to play a little HOOKY in your life!  Let me know how it goes!

I’m needing to be REALLY IRRESPONSIBLE right now because its imperative for my new project.  I’m working on a book of fiction.  I’ve been longing to try it ever since a reviewer mentioned that she’d like to read fiction from me (listen to what others say about your work and what they think you’d be great at…if it resonates then GO FOR IT!  Often others can see what we cannot).  I was like- fiction (where there are NO RULES! No fact checking required!)- yes I will have a SLAB OF THAT.:)

I’m spending a few hours here and there-  whenever I can grab them between client work, my family and NEW PUPPY to let all of my ideas for this book, characters, story line and settings to RUN WILD in a notebook.  It’s delicious to sit and be immersed in my imagination.  I can’t wait for Saturday and Sunday because I can get up EARLY to work on it-  while everybody else sleeps.

Then…at times…I’m scared too… I’ll think– but HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO FIGURE THIS ALL OUT?  How will I find an order.  Am I really capable of this?  What if all of this is a big GIANT waste of time?  That’s my good old logical self trying to get ahead…wanting to know how it all turns out.  I quiet that voice by wandering in the woods, interrupting it with uplifting music and reminding myself that I’ve been here before.  It will all work out.

This IS the creative process.

What are you yearning to create?  How could you be a bit IRRESPONSIBLE to fuel that yearning?

Until next time….trust (as RUMI says and as our puppy Oliver embodies daily..) that The ENTIRE UNIVERSE IS RIGGED in your favor.

Love,  Sarah

“You believe if you buy me this nice coat and leash that I’ll go for a walk.
You are mistaken. I am pug.
I’ll decide when we do the things.” ~Oliver James


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