Never Doubt Yourself: How to Find Your Clear Yes and Clear No Inside

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Have you ever made a decision that felt AS CLEAR AS DAY and then you awoke the next morning and self-doubt crept in.  A critical voice saying, “You really screwed up!” or “Call them back!!  You can save yourself now!”.

That’s happened to me many times and it’s not fun. Self doubt is a huge energy drain.  I’d rather be adding to life than hanging out in that space of doubt filled hesitation!

So, what can we do?  Here’s what I know: In each one of us is a soul, our sacred guiding higher self….and it KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT US AND WHAT IS BEST FOR US.

And, dear humans, this part of YOU is NOT doubtful in any way.  It is clear as a bell.  And wise as all get out. The trouble is this:

1.  We don’t take the time to check in with our soul/sacred/essential self.  (I forget often!!)


2. We DO check in with our soul/ authentic self (YAY!), but then we slip back into our “rule bound social self” or our “wounded self” which begins to MAKE UNHELPFUL NOISE us (as I described above) …making us doubt the VERY CLEAR ‘Yes’ or “no” we received.

The part of us that is NOT our soul/sacred self might say things to us like, “Good women/men don’t [fill in the blank]” or “You have no right to be mad- be grateful-  be love and light!!” or “Who do you think you are?”.

But I discovered something cool this week and I want to share it with you! It will help you!!

So- here’s a short (under 8 minutes!) video where I will explain how to make a powerful connection to this part of you.  5 minutes!! You are WORTH IT!  (CLICK on the image below to watch)

The holidays are here!  Please remember to go easy on your self!

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With love, Sarah

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