Main Character Energy and 36 Questions to Fall In Love with Somebody You Care About


(photo above by Jen Clark)

Here are 5 things I’m Extremely KEEN on this week!

1. MAIN Character Energy!  I spoke to an inspiring young human last week who had just started a new job at a huge hospital. I asked her how it was going and she says, “Great! Everyday I enter the hospital and I act as if I’m in a movie. I’m the main character….and (in this movie!) everybody loves me!”

As we spoke, I could tell that this approach was transforming not just her work experience but her whole life!  YES, I thought, we all are rooting for the heroine in the film…why not step into THAT energy.

I googled this idea of being the “main character” and found that it may have its roots in this tiktok that went viral.

My husband and I are going off on a trip to Ireland and we decided this morning that we are going to intend to have a RELAXED vacation – and be the co-stars in a lighthearted (but meaningful!) ROMCOM.  Already I am more excited to jump on the plane today!  I think I’m going to channel a bit of my inner Elle Woods  Shakespeare and so many other wise beings have told us that this life is a stage…an illusion. What if we leveraged this truth and enjoyed ourselves more?

2.  Will Smith Continues to Inspire Me. Mr. Smith’s current spiritual goal of cultivating smiles and even a “THANK YOU UNIVERSE!” when he’s facing adversity inspires me so much. That is not easy to do, AND when we are ablt to get there, life can be so much more beautiful.  This conversation between he and author Rick Rubins (author of The Creative Act– one of my fave books on creativity) is wonderful.  Maybe it will get you thinking– how do YOU want to grow, spiritually, in this autumn season?

3. Ready to fall back in love with your partner or to fall more deeply in love with a friend or adult child/or your sibling? Ask them these questions. Many of us are in need of a relationship recharge because of the toll that the pandemic, intense jobs, empty nests, young children, grief/loss or aging parents may have taken/be taking on ours.  

“The 36 questions were developed by a team of researchers led by Arthur Aron, Ph.D., and Elaine Aron, Ph.D., two psychologists (husband and wife) who have spent decades researching how attraction, intimacy, and romantic love form.”

The 36 questions were designed to help two people slowly to reveal more about themselves and identify ways in which they’re similar to each other. The questions have been used in many psychology studies, from helping married couples get closer to each other to helping people reduce racial prejudice.  I’m bringing them on the plane with me today!

4. Wanting to Try Your Hand At Collage? I find collage to be so fun an accessible for new artists. All you need are a few magazines and some glue sticks!    Take a class for free (thanks Museum of Modern Art in NYC!) from artist Helena Metefeiria . I’m so excited to visit the MOMA in person at the end of this month.  Art museums fill me with inspiration!

5. My favorite quote from my favorite author:

 “All that I hope to say in books, all that I ever hope to say,
is I love the world”

— Elwyn Brooks (“E.B.”) White

I’m so excited to be creating wonderful content for our SHINE Salon for Working Creatives.  This Fall we will be doing a FUN 2 week authentic style challenge and nurturing our creative spaces as well!  When we do things TOGETHER, there is nothing we cannot do! Come write your book with us (or create your unique body of work in the medium you choose!.  Join us any time.  Once you’re in, never pay another dime.  

As always, you can schedule vibe-raising divinations, life- coaching, and shamanic healing/mentoring  HERE.  I will be gone for much of September so hopefully you can find a time that works before then…or feel free to grab a time in October!

with love,

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