Habit Stacks Are Mean to Change


(photo above: Where I do part of my morning routines!)

Here are 5 things I’m Extremely KEEN on this week!

1.  Habits Are Never A Forever Thing. 

Habit “stacks” ( Ala The Atomic Habits Book), for me, need to shift + change with the seasons. Otherwise, they get stale. I updated mine today. I had let meditation go since my dad died (I found it hard to concentrate or make myself do it) and it needed to come back.

For my reading I’m re-reading 1-2 pages of Rick Rubin’s wonderful new book. 

This entire list takes roughly 30-40 min.and then I walk with Paula every day for 50 minutes outdoors. 

1. 5 minute meditation

2. Text my sponsor after reflecting on inspiring reading + yesterday’s experiences.

3. Free write/morning pages (from Julia Cameron’s Book The Artist’s Way)

If you want to learn what habit stack would support you best, check out my course

2. Your Home’s Set-Up Matters For Your Health:  We will be working with this truth in our SHINE group this Fall to enhance our well being and creativity.

“People with extraordinary longevity “live in environments that nudge them unconsciously toward healthier behaviors, like moving more and eating plants,” says Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones Challenge: A 4-Week Plan for a Longer, Better Life. And those environments start within the spaces of their homes, which include elements of design and organization that facilitate healthy habits.” LEARN MORE HERE. 

3. My Favorite Irreverent Prayer:  (illustrated by me!)

4. Quote I adore:  

“Friendship is arguably the most wholly voluntary relationship. It reflects a mutual decision to keep pasting something back together, no matter how far it gets pulled apart, even when there is no obligatory reason, no justice-of-the-peace vow or chromosomal tie.”

(Gah can’t remember who said it though! Please let me know if you do:))

Friends are, to me, the greatest natural resource in my life! Without them, I’m a goner.  Did you know that there is an app by BUMBLE for women to connect with friends? I checked it out and it’s awesome!

5. I Want to Know How It Ends:  I was born, it seems, with a *hurry-up* part in me.  I always want to read ahead in books, to find out how it ends. When I’m in a liminal space I can feel absolutely BANANAS…my mind is desperately calculating and analyzing all of the possible outcomes.  I just have to remind myself gently and lovingly (over and over) that all I have is now. And right now is OK.  I am OK.  And, in this way I make room for *not knowing* how it ends.

And, I also try to remember that the “worst thing” I can imagine always, (eventually), leads to the most amazing and beautiful thing I can imagine.  I must wait.  Only time will tell.

Meditation helps.  Spending time in good company helps.  Nature helps. Being creative and using my gifts helps.

Art by me (A Room for Not Knowing, 2021) PRINTS here.  (please excuse watermark!)

6.  Recipe (flour and sugar free as always) That I’m Using This Week! 

Get her whole cookbook HERE.

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with love,

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