Following Enchantment is Powerful


“It starts by forgetting about perfect. We don’t have time for perfect.”

-Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Dear Creators of Wonder and MAGIC,

If you are new here- welcome! I hope you find things here that help you find your FEELGOOD and follow it. I believe it will take you GREAT places.

As I painted this marvelous little rabbit atop a towering Amanita muscaria mushroom (see image above) I thought a lot about ENCHANTMENT.

This week I have been painting in every moment of free time I’ve got (which isn’t a lot at the moment as my momma is in Hospice Care in her home and I’m hanging with her a lot these days!).

At the moment, it feels extremely critical that I create without any rules or pressure.

This painting time is how I’m being kind to myself .

It’s also how (I trust) I will continue to find my way.

Art does that for me.

I was first introduced to the idea of ENCHANTMENT in Liz Gilbert’s book about creativity, Big Magic.  In her book she encourages us to engage with this part of us that is too often forgotten.

Here’s a short list of what my own ENCHANTMENT likes:

Bed picnics, the sparkle of sunlight dancing on Lake Superior, dollhouses, brightly colored birds, beasties, peonies, books with illustrations, rainbows, forest friends, Wes Anderson films, very old trees, sacred ceremonies, shamans and medicine people from all walks of life, learning how artists create, sparkly gold paint, palo santo smoke, indigenous textiles, the smell of rose petals blooming in hot water as tea…

I was speaking to a lovely human today who was pondering the need to leave a financial inheritance for her that they would feel supported. Inheritance may seem unrelated to enchantment – but stay with me…

That got me to thinking…what INHERITANCE do I want to leave my children?  .

An inheritance of, say, Apple stock, for example, we might say is a powerful gift to receive.  Money does make things easier, sometimes.  And of course we can leave an inheritance of other more physical things. This week I have been talking with my mom about her jewelry… she want to be sure gets distributed equitably when she is gone.  She is a person who’s always been concerned about fairness and this makes sense.

But, as I think about the INHERITANCE my mother will leave me with…it is far more valuable than any ring or charm bracelet (or stock certificate).

She will leave with me the priceless inheritance of permission.

To follow my dreams.

To take good care of myself.

To spend as much time as I need to in enchantment.

Because that is what she did. 

And these are things I wish for my children also.

And I wish them for YOU.

Connecting with what enchants you is something that can EASILY get crowded out by scrolling Facebook (or checking email a thousand times a day!), watching Netflix, overworking, over eating, over drinking,  or keeping the house entirely too clean.

As the healers, creators and helpers that we are, we must offer ourselves enchantment.  On the regular!

We must be generous with ourselves like that.

Let’s leave an inheritance of enchantment! 


Animal spirits and the BEASTIES enchant me BIG TIME!  So I am planning to have a wee bookclub.

It’s free! Well almost-…all you have to do is purchase a copy of the Book of Beasties (if you don’t already have it!) and read one chapter of the book (and peruse any of the Beasties in the encyclopedia at the back)- bring your animal encounter stories, dreams and questions!

To get the zoom details- please subscribe to my feelgood emails in the yellow box at the bottom of this page.

Sending you BIG LOVE!!


P.S. I heartily suggest that you begin a list of what YOUR enchantment adores…(keep it somewhere you can add to it!).  If you’re not sure, grab a piece of paper and write a letter you yourself from your own Enchantment.

“Dear [your name], I am your Enchantment and here are all of the things that I want you to remember..the things that I love!!  Set a timer for 9 minutes and go for it!

If you’re feeling ready to give yourself more time with enchantment, but you’re butting up against all sorts of resistance- I’d love to help! You could book a coaching session or shamanic healing here.


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