There Is No Death

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Dear Creators of Wonder and MAGIC,

If you are new here- welcome! I hope you find things here that help you find your FEELGOOD and follow it. I believe it will take you GREAT places.

The garden bells were ringing sweetly in the apple tree as the sun beamed into the room, lit by the explosion of red and coral sugar maples. I played my ukulele, softly singing solo and then joined by my dad singing “Jesus loves me.”…a childhood favorite of my mommas.  Then, choreographed by an invisible teacher, my sister Maria took hold of one of her hands and I took her other as my mom, Marilyn, in her pure beauty and strength, breathed her way out of this world and into the next. The truer one.

Though we wanted so much more time with her, a better ending we could not have imagined.

Maybe it was all of the pre-grieving I did in the last 19 months.  Or maybe it was the prayer mandala and hours I laid on the rocks at the show of that great spirit, Lake Superior,

But, six days after my mothers death I am already feeling her presence in my life once again an I am feeling moments of pure joy.  This fact surprised me?

But, I know that many of you are not surprised as you already know this truth…that those we love do not die but only change form.

On the morning after her death I laid in bed at 4 AM, unable to sleep. The sweetest fall breeze, scented with dried leaves flowed in through the window and filled the room with her presence.  Such sweet presence.  The feeling of her…of everything, everywhere, all at once.  I knew it was my mom returning.

Later in the morning,  I told my husband Mark about this beautiful comforting breeze, and he smiled and said, “That’s funny because the window wasn’t even open…”.  I had to run up two flights of stairs to confirm this fact.

So, I am in a state of wonder, and I am in awe of these truths:

1. There is no death
2. I am feeling moments of deep joy just days after losing my mother…someone so precious to me.

Her obituary is here for those who would like to see it.

So, this week, in gratitude for this amazing life, I am planting seeds and I want to invite you to join me. Seeds for myself and the future me I would like to be.  Seeds for my family, friends and loved ones.  Seeds for my community and for the world.

I am making prayers, writing in my journal (a new idea for a #100 day project), and spending time making art…..all of these things help me to connect with my essential self to know what seeds  I need to plant.

My mother was a consummate gardener.  She knew how to water and nourish seeds, perennial beds, organizations, friends, family and even strangers.  And what she gardened grew and blossomed.

And I am grateful.


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