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My Summer of NO: 100 Days of Self-Respecting Boundaries
This is the project I’m starting on June 1st! I’ll share what I learn and creat every day. There is still time to join us!
Learn more here: Creative Soul Retrieval for 100 days

This week’s FEEL GOOD List!

1.  I told my dad about Two way prayer (it started in AA but you don’t have to be an addict to try it!) and how much I’m loving it and he decided to try it. He texted me the next morning after asking God about what to do about the wet carpet under the washing machine in the basement…it was worrying him.  God told my dad to try dehumidifer and them after that to check washer for leaks.  But my dad realized he couldn’t move washer…too heavy.

Immediately after praying, his phone rang and his friend Jim offered to pull his washing machine our from the wall for him if my dad would make him breakfast. Two way prayer  for the WIN!

2. Jud Apatow  (40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up) is making a documentary about my sister’s career (My sister Maria is a famous comedian!).  I got to meet the producer by phone.  He introduced himself and mentioned that he had done a film about artist Wayne White years ago.  I said, “Do you mean BEAUTY IS EMBARASSING?  My favorite film about an artist ever???”   “That’s the one! “, he said.  I highly recommend this film,  if you’re an artist or creative- I think you’ll enjoy it!!

3.  I have been reminded that INTIMACY is about knowing each other REALLY WELL.  When my husband and I struggled in our marriage back in 2005-ish I read a whole bunch of John Gottman’s books and we discovered that simply “getting to know each other again” was EVERYTHING.  I’ve been getting closer to ‘my kids by asking good questions and its so wonderful!

QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR PARTNER (or adult kid or friend you want to know better…and be closer to…..)

If someone gave you $100, what would you spend it on?

Name a song that influenced your life positively and tell me why.

How can I be a better [partner, friend, parent etc] to you this week

When was the last time you felt loved?

What is one thing or activity that makes you feel alive?
What makes you feel appreciated?

What is one thing you learned this week?

What is one word that describes our relationship?

What has been your greatest accomplishment this year?

What’s your favorite memory of us in the last 5 or 10 years?

What do wish you could spend more time on?

Describe each other in three words.

What adventure would you like to do in the next few months?
4. VISUALIZATION IS A POWERFUL TOOL.  I did this meditation a few times this week and HOLY WOW- my days wen’t magically well!  Book mark it and try it OUT tomorrow morning! 
5. Quote that stopped me in my tracks.

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”
 Kahlil Gibran  via Tim Ferris

When I left medicine and our income changed drastically, I grieved not being able to give money, philanthropically, at the same level we had been giving.  I have found new ways to “give”.  I don’t think that giving money is inherently different than when I give of my own personal energy- but maybe it is? I’m still thinking about that…:)

6.  I’m so grateful for Nick Barbachano’s music and this creativity that flows to all of us. I got to paint to this amazing song recently…..listen here…it’s such a soul-soothing piece!

30 x 48″ (acrylic on canvas) “Arbolito Divino”
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Arbolito divino (Divine Tree of the World)
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