This Week’s FEELGOOD List of Things to Explore


That full moon is behind us, let’s water the dream seeds that are still hidden below in the darkness! So much beauty to bring out into the open.  With tender care, everything is possible!

This week’s FEEL GOOD List!

1.  Quote that’s making me THINK DEEPLY:  (Via Austin Kleon )
Advice from poet Jane Kenyon:

“Be a good steward of your gifts. Protect your time. Feed your inner life. Avoid too much noise. Read good books, have good sentences in your ears. Be by yourself as often as you can. Walk. Take the phone off the hook. Work regular hours”

Jane’s words remind me that it is OK to take breaks and even VERY IMPORTANT. I must take it easy, but also I want to do my best work.  Tricky to do some days, but I’m committed! How would stewarding YOUR GIFTS look for you?

2.  Writing can be an important part of a spiritual practice! Rainbow Raja and I spoke about this on her podcast.  I hadn’t thought about it like that until recently, but  writing has brought me closer to all that is holy and helped me to understand myself and heal.  Listen to the conversation here. 

3. Finish Line Anxiety can keep us stuck.  I first learned about this in Bright Line Eating (which is a program I highly recommend if you want to come into integrity with yourself and your relationship to food).  It looks like this….you never REALLY fully finish/handle whatever “IT” is (losing weight, writing the book, finalizing the divorce, getting sober, obsessing over your adult child’s gambling addiction…) ….and you stay STUCK obsessing (dieting, editing, whining, etc) instead of finally handling it because you fear what might happen without this THING in your life to fill your time. Or you fear who you’d become without it.  Often it takes some willingness to look deeply at ourselves. Is there something you feel STUCK in that you are ready to take care of for once and for all? Who could help you with this? Be gentle with yourself…this is hard stuff and you can face it.  I believe in you! In us!

3. Do you have a Wildly Improbable Goal? (WIG) (click here for a 20 minute video of me explaining them + the 3 steps to bringing them to life)  It’s a good thing to have (as long as you are not immediately post — a catalytic life event that has left you in grief….we must grieve first and later we will dream again) a DREAM:  Something new that we are moving towards. I’ve identified that mine, currently, is to support myself + my family (in part) with art I create.  What’s yours? Here are some good questions to ask yourself (see my answers for my WIG below) What would be delicious and fun? Who would you take with you?

What is the feeling state you’ll have when your WIG has come true?
It feels like a warm gentle breeze ruffling my har and caressing my face

How will you know if you are NOT on track for your WIG?
I will stop making time for art making. I will feel guilty for buying art supplies or classes.  I will continue to people please and say yes (without any boundaries) to outside work that does not resonate with me deeply.

How will you know if you are ON TRACK and moving towards your WIG?
I will be making and sharing art almost every day. I will be hanging out with my new artists tribe locally. I will be preparing for an art show/exhibition, I will be designing dishtowel designs I’d love for my own kitchen. Somebody (BLUE Q?) emails me and says they’d like to use my design for oven hot pads (WILD!).

Here’s a video I created from a past WIG …it was “Jazz the Glass” , a retreat in Hawaii!  So glad I took a chance and risked it all to go for it!

5.This is  A VIBE RAISING VIDEO I made for us. Dancing along optional, but recommended!

I have spots open for coaching, shamanic mentoring, shamanic healing and vibe raising DIVINATION sessions! You are always welcome to read more and book HERE.

with big love,


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