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1. DARE TO BE IRRELEVANT.  I have these words pinned to the board above my desk to remind me that I do my best work when I focus on what I think of what I’m making  (not what others do!). As a creative, it’s so deadly to let the “concern of what others will think” about my work into my head. The trouble is that I also long to connect with you over it!

I stumbled into this awesome book title last week (which takes my pinned words a step further!)….

The Courage to Be Disliked: The Japanese Phenomenon That Shows You How to Change Your Life and Achieve Real Happiness” by Ichiro Kishimi

I haven’t read the book (and probably won’t), but I created a piece of art and a coffee mug too so that I can remember this powerful idea!

What would you make or write or create if you had the courage to be disliked?

2. This Quote Resonates A Lot:  

“Our belief in magic solutions that may happen someday in the future keeps us from doing what we really need to do right here and right now. “

Brad Warner, “A Minty Fresh Mind”

It’s been my experience, that whether it’s a relationship you wish to improve, a state of house simplicity or a creative dream, our power is only in the now.
Tomorrow never comes. Future is a pipe dream/fantasy we can get addicted to.

3.  When I Don’t Feel Like Cooking. These come in handy! I just heat and pour over veggies and rice and it feels like an actual meal and its good for you too!
You can find them here or at your grocery! I am not paid to say this- I just long to share what works for me–in case it helps you too.

4.  The Second Most Translated Book on the Planet is Full of TRUTH! This last year I’ve been spending more time with the Tao de Ching (Steven Mitchell’s translation is wonderful).  His audible recording is HERE.   It makes for a great listen as you walk in the woods/ the beach or sit by a fire.

There are many truths in the book that you will immediately recognize because you have lived experience. Our culture tells a lot of stuff that is simply not true.  It’s good to keep reminding ourselves of what IS true so we don’t get caught up in the grand illusion.

4. I have a Dishtowel Dream!  My mom always brought my sister and I dishtowels with local designs from her travels.  We made a lot of jokes about it when we were younger, but now I fully understand it. Her inner environmentalist knew that we didn’t need more “stuff”…. BUT a human can always use a fresh dishtowel!

I have discovered how much I love creating things for people to use and wear (t- shirts, mugs and dishtowels!)  I love the idea that these things are functional but also bear a message that could be life changing/inspiring!  I have sold quite a few t shirts and mugs at my store HERE (thank you!!).  But I didn’t have any dishtowels available until NOW. 

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